If I post anonymously?

GAG's new policy makes NO sense.

Let me get this straight. If I post anonymously then blocked users can answer my question but if I don't they can't?

GAG is FORCING users to expose who they blocked. This is the stupidest thing ever.


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  • Not having read the policy, just going by what you've said, then what does it matter if they answer?

    They still don't see you.

    Vote them down, don't reply, leave it anonymous.

    If they're real a**holes, maybe they can guess it's you, based on your writing style. If they're that big a troll, though, they are already irrelevant.

    Let them leave their replies, and give them a stony silence in return. It's really the only way to deal with most Internet trolls, and even the way to deal with real life narcissists and/or sociopaths. Worst case scenario, take a month or so off. They will find another victim. Trust me. I know.

    I don't always follow my own advice on this one, though. I grew up a scrapper. Never lost a sober fight, especially with a single, unarmed combatant.

    If you word a question the right way, you'll get every d*** (or bitch) on here to slam you. It's a redundant, anticlimactic lesson involving the validation of your common sense expectations of douche baggery, for when you're bored. No, I'm not making that more readable. Don't flame me. I'm bored.

    I understand you might get upset with their replies, but don't take them seriously. If they're giving such annoying answers to anonymous questions, f*** them. It certainly doesn't matter if it's you or not. They're off barking at fire hydrants and humping cats when they're not on here.

    Probably even Tea Baggers, waiting to misspell some bullsh*t and carry it around on a sign in the wrong town square. Just think of it that way.

    Finally, if you don't like their sh*t, give them an earful. Tell them what a waste of your reading time their responses are. How obvious their loserdom is. Enumerate their flaws. Most net babies will take their toys and go home.

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      Yes, but why should they answer my question at all. It's not a matter of me not liking their answer- I'm open to different point of views but MANY people on this website don't answer the question. They answer what they want to answer. It's very easy to spot those users and much easier to block them. I always get topnotch answers to my questions when I did this.

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      True, the answers some people give aren't as good as others. It would be nice to hide them, like on Facebook.