Can we chat live on GaG?

can we chat online on this site with our frnds...what else we can do here?


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  • sure, there is a messenger thingy. You can not chat with me though... I am scary. Boo!


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  • You can send Instant Messages (or chat, as you called it) as you already said. You can also send Private Messages, mostly just to your friends lists. Other than that, it's mainly just asking ( link ), answering ( link )and commenting on questions. Then there's also a wall section on people's profiles, and there's a place to put up reality check profiles ( link ) a place to write articles and stories ( link ) contest entries ( link ) aaaand... I think that's about it.

    • how to start chat...can you plss tell me? how to know if person is online?

    • A person needs to be on your friends list to do that. So first you need to add somebody to your friends list.