Has anyone else noticed there is less traffic on gag or is it just me?

Has anyone else noticed lower volumes of traffic on gag? I have friends that I used to see regularly that are hardly ever on any more & some I haven't seen in months.

Hey xxxHonestxxx what happened why you block me?

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  • Yeah man, there used to be a lot of cool people on here. Way back when SocietysBomb, SelfishStars, SlipSlender, WeaponZero, ArtistBBoy, Brando, Dom/Pandamonium, before peace.love.couture went crazy, Gnat, and others that I haven't mentioned. When they were all active like a year or so ago, this site was really good. Then one by one, they either deleted their accounts or just stopped logging in and it has become less enjoyable since then :(

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  • I think since Meebo(Chat Bar) is gone it's turned people away from using the site.

  • It seems like there are less people posting. It might be do to the chat function being removed. I think it might also be do to a few really hostel people that seemed bound and determined to start a gender war on here. People like that make this site a whole lot less fun.

    • I have run into a few of those not nice posters.

  • I have noticed that. It makes me lonely and sad. If this continues, I'll have to get some friends and a girlfriend :(Seriously, though, I think it's because the chat function was removed.

    • Thats what I was thinking but it seems like the chat option was a love or hate it.

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  • yes, sometimes

  • i think there is a good traffic on here

  • yes, I think it has definitely gone low.

  • I think it's because of the chat

  • For this week there has been lots. But in a monthly span in this year yeah you are right some of the best older users have disappeared.

    • Yes I have noticed the same.

  • There's more traffic .