Ticking time bombs? Are some people waiting to explode here in GaG..

because they can't get a woman's attention ...

or because who think they really know it all.
I wonder if Gag offer some sort of personal service when the same people keep

posting about their depression and suicidal tendencies numerous times.


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  • I think some people are on the edge, in general. GAG provides a forum, one that lets them voice their frustration but also one that lets them try to get to the bottom of certain issues.

    Now, the people that constantly post question after question, answer after answer, bashing people, constantly singing the "woe is me" song, as I call it... those people are ONLY looking for other people to whine with. So everyone can high five each other and say "Yeah, screw [insert whatever/whoever they're whining about]!" If you're not interested in high fiving them and joining the bash fest, you're out. You'll probably be insulted and blocked. That's just the pattern with many here. After some time, you'll start to learn which questions to answer and which questions you shouldn't even bother with.

    We all have to deal with... whatever they are, haha, in real life, so an internet forum is no different. And usually more extreme because people are braver online.

    If you're interested in a long read, check this one out. Haha! Perfect example of ticking time bombs.


    • I think they want compliments

      Some people on here are attention whores as far as calling themselves ugly. The girls in particular. But some of the guys just want compliments, only to call women liars and to argue


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  • there are pleanty of women who explode saying things like "why don't men talk to me" or "hwo can I get a guy to make the first move" and dozens of other common posts by women.

    • Do you have links for that?

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    • link How do you prefer women to approach you

    • wow. thanks :)

  • yes...they are ready to spontaneously combust into flames. :P

  • Nothing is gonna happen ...they explode for sure but you must know how to tackle it ...best is to ignore such ppl...the more attention we give the more bigger they explode

  • yea I gues ssome are.

  • The usual ranting about guys wanting to break peoples necks and so forth, is typical of impotent rage. Same threat repeated regularly through text, nothing ever being done in the real world.

    The same cowardice that stops them talking to girls, stops them doing anything else.

    • Yes I feel violence through their words.

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  • LOL

    Their definition of exploding is posting nonstop rants about how women only want cocky guys, how girls don't like nice guys and why nice guys finish last. Then they block when you don't feed into their insecure bullsh*t.

    Really, you just have to humor some of these idiots. I can't tell if they're being serious or not and even then, I don't really care.

    • yes but they're building up a heavy pool of depression here. I 'feel' it.

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    • Nah, he's summing it up well. A lot of them resort to calling themselves ugly when being nice doesn't make the good enough for women

    • I've never understood what they get out of constantly calling themselves ugly, haha! Quite a few do that, I keep thinking, "What exactly are you expecting people to say to that?"

      There's one who I've complimented multiple times, said I thought he was good looking, instead of saying "Oh thanks," he just says, "No I'm not, trust me." That makes me think, "Uhh, well your face is cute, but the personality is annoying!" Haha!

  • yes and I wish they would try and do somethign about it instead of getting frustrated. do other things or approach them differently.

  • yes, some guys here can be really miserable about getting woman´s attention