Do you use Gag as a third opinion if you have a disagreement with someone?

Quite often I use Gag as an informal poll on issues that I and my friends can't agree on. We even bet on who will get the most support here.

Any examples you can mention from your questions? OK to be anonymous here!


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  • I don't really use GAG as a resolution, but I do sometimes use GAG as a reference. "A lot of people apparently think _______." It doesn't end a disagreement, it usually just gives a "Hmm, that's interesting" moment. I have asked questions to show other GAG users what others think before, like my question "Coping by way of booze is a good thing?"


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  • honestly, I don't. GaG rarely come up in the conversations I have with my friends. Disagreements are usually redolved via a coin toss