How is this fair GAG?

If you answer a question and get best answer for it. But later the question is removed. They deduct the best answer from the answerer too how is that fair? !


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  • I'd thought about it too earlier but then I said 'what the ...' it's OK :) why bother ourselves with trivial stuff. There are many answers that we think should get the BA but they don't. Most times people give a BA to answers that they are opinionated on and is answered the way they think is right.

    If any question is not inline with the site's policies then it gets removed and so does all references to it which results in losing points too that way those who are concerned about their points continue answering more and more which keeps the site alive :D and also that it indicates that even while answering one had better keep the policies of those who created this platform in mind.

    I believe that if the QA changes the BA the last BA loses the points gained too. Am unsure but I think it's that way.

    In short why get stressed out :)

    • Wow that was nice - thank you SO much for the BA young lady - appreciate it :)


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  • Well, look at it this way: If the question shouldn't have been asked because of the site's policy, then why should anyone get bonus points for asking it OR answering it?

    Wow, I thought I was obsessive about best answer!. Even I don't complain when this happens!

    And it happens pretty darn rarely, right? I bet in 5 years here, that has happened only maybe once..

  • If life were fair, all answers would be technically perfect and would therefore be the best answers. Then where would we be?

    • "The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice"

      That saying is not always true (kind of silly actually) and men who prefer porcelain skin complexions have refined taste as well.

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    • See, I know your opinion is flawed since you think women only come in berries. No, there are many fruits and many prefer the ripe, juicy apple...when you bite into and taste the inside. Sweet, simple and fresh. I am sure you can picture the inside.

    • You may have a point.

  • Wow I never noticed that before, that kinda blows.

  • Yeah, I've had that happen to me once or twice. I wish they'd fix that somehow. Just the other day I saw a question removed for no good reason, and my answer was already getting several upvotes and was probably headed for best answer when the question was removed. There was nothing about that question that broke the Terms of Use, best as I could tell.

    • I know gag seriously needs to change their rules. Wt lv are u?

    • Level 9.

    • Cool I don't think I know you on here as a friend I mean

  • Doesn't seem that unfair. It should be more directed at the fickle question asker that decided pick a best answer quickly and change their minds when something new comes in.

    It's only 10 points anyway, right? Just answer 3 more questions.

    • No his question got removed because it was offensive

  • There is nothing fair about the over-regulation of this website.


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  • I've never heard of that tbh.