Why is there a Turkish version of GAG?

Was the founder of GAG from Turkey? Why not add other countries? Also have you noticed there are more active users on that version?


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  • Money is the reason why there is a Turkish site. Of all countries, right?

    A rich Turkish guy probably wanted his own pie, so he slapped some dough on the table and had it made. They are probably more active because a clean site like this appeals to the socially conservative crowd. There are actually a lot of religious types on this site but you wouldn't know it upfront so conflicts are avoided for the most part.


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  • I heard that they are also working on a Spanish version, but it won't be ready for a few years

    • Huh, you'd think it wouldn't be hard to make a Spanish version considering how many people speak it and how much easier it is than other languages.

    • ya I don't know haha. I think there are just a lot of hurdles besides the language conversions that they have to work out first. Plus they are probably more focused atm on the site update we're getting here

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  • Nope I think it's the money UAE are the richest countries. Could be for the Turks who can't speak English maybe ask GAG admins

  • The creators of GirlsAskGuys are, in fact, Turkish.

    First, they created GirlsAskGuys. A few years later, they created the Turkish version of the site, which is booming.

    We are currently working on creating a Spanish version, which we expect to roll out Summer 2014.