Filling GAG Survey Offer 1000pts?

I signed in today I completed a link on GAG that say if I completed 4 different surveys/offers (I left my first and last name plus my email address to "HomeDepot") I will receive 1000 XPER points in 48 hours.. Did anyone else fill that out? Is it a Spam? Will I really receive 1000 points?


Thanks for the other answer in advance.. Hopefully I will get an answer from the GAG team :)


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  • It is not Spam :-)

    We've partnered with advertising companies to bring offers to you guys and bring a new way for our members to earn extra Xper points. However, if you see any questionable content or offer, send us the information and we will work with our advertisers to identify the problem. We want to make sure we always show offers that are valuable for our users.

    Thanks for giving us a chance to explain!

    • Thank you for your answers! One more question is when I see the completion page, it mean I'll receive 250 Xper points for that day and do this for 4 days I'll get the 1000 Xper points?

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    • I've gone through the offers as well. You don't have to give any information. There's an option to give an email address, but again, you don't HAVE to give any information.

      Everything offered and been checked and double checked, it's not spam and it is safe.

    • hey if you can do more of those please do. id fill out every survey I saw and I'm on here a lot. jsut don't ask for my credit card and don't cost money you can have all of my info.


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  • how can I take the GAG surveys?

    • There should be a link provide to you when you log in.. If not feel free to ask one of the GAG administrators I'm sure they will be happy to help you out

  • I skiped all the offers and at the end it said I earned 1000xper points.. I think I did it wrong, I was suppose to give my info to the 4 companies? Actually I did one, I downloaded the home shopping toolbar... now that sh*ts stuck on my computer... it's been a few days now and I'm not seeing an extra 1000pts... yup I did it I get another chance?

    • I haven't receive the 1000 Xper points yet either.. Maybe try to ask one of the help team members they should be able to help..

    • I tried again today but one of the offers froze after I entered all my information (while searching for my credit score).. it's not worth the effort. There are better sites for earning cash online..

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  • 1000 xper = $5 USD

    Not worth it.

  • i wish I knew wheremore stuff liek this was. id lvoe to do WAY more of that for the points.

  • i saw it yesterday but the bar has disappeared for me though

    • Yes, after the first click and then I completed it.. It disappeared