Are there any countries where GaG rewards aren't redeemable?

Are there any countries where GaG rewards aren't redeemable?


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  • Well yeah. You can't redeem the T-Shirt outside of US and Canada, and TGI Friday's Gift Card won't do you a hell of a lot of good in countries that don't have TGI Friday's chains( link ). Also Netflix doesn't seem to be every country ( link ), so yeah. Clearly. Also I'm not sure which countries, but I've talked to several people like in India or South Africa, who tell me that Amazon is too expensive to ship where they live. So while you might be able to get your Amazon cards sent to your email, it might not do you a whole lot of good.

    So yeah, with the maps an' all does that answer your question well enough?


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  • I believe only the t-shirt is limited to specific countries (US and Canda)

    The other rewards are all digital (the gift cards arrive via e-mail, the donations are done online, etc.), so I would imagine they can be redeemed no matter what country you live in.


  • I'm from Australia and I can pretty much only get the Amazon cards or donate. Don't have TGI Fridays or Netflix and can't get the shirt :)

  • I'm from canada and can't use TGI Fridays . The only one is at niagra falls forget that!