Veteran's Day / Rememberance Day, how many veterans do we have on GAG?

Veteran's Day / Rememberance Day is tomorrow and I was wondering how many veterans we have on GAG?

Do you know any veterans that you'll be celebrating/remembering tomorrow? Thanks.

  • I am a veteran.
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  • I am not a veteran, but I know one/some.
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  • I am not a veteran and I don't know any.
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  • I am currently in the service.
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  • i am not but my fiance was...he was killed in the line of duty 2 years ago :(

    • So sorry for your loss.

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    • some stupid troll, I gave it thumbs up. I'm sorry for your loss

    • thank you all for the support and kind words :)

      its hard to wake up everyday and not have him next to me...

      but he died doing what he loved, serving the country and people he loved and knowing that is what gets me through the day.


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What Girls Said 5

  • No, I dont.

    One of my uncles is a solider, and the other one is in the navy but neither of them are retired.

    But anyway I would like to say...Happy Early Veterans Day, and Thank You for Once Protecting Us. =)

  • I'm not a veteran, but I have quite a few people in my family who are.

  • My grandfather was and my great uncle died in the war. He fell out of a plane. (I never met him.)

    My boyfriend's grandmother was a nurse in the war.

  • Im not. and I know none. Maybe I should change that...

  • I've dated 2 veterans in the past, and I have quite a few in the family.


What Guys Said 4

  • Both my grandfathers were in the army and my uncle served over 20 years in the air force. I am considering doing a officer candidate program for the Marines, if I decide not to I will join the military after college.

  • My dad fought and died in the Vietnam war, yes remembering.

    Thank you to all of our troops that keep this country safe.

  • LOL we consider people who went in the Iraq/Afgan war veterans now? Since when? What exactly did they defend America from? They followed orders like sheep without a good cause so please... That being said, yeah Grandad was a veteran and my Grandma was a nurse so that's who we're celebrating.

    • Yes, they are veterans. That was rude and not necessary, try looking up and seeing someone lost their fiance. not cool dude.

    • Yeah how many people lost their sons? Fathers? Husbands? How many innocent kids died because of our bombing? Lets not be biased here...

    • You're the one being biased. I asked a simple question and you took it as an opportunity to bash American veterans. Lame.

  • I am in the National Guard, but I have not been deployed yet.