Giftcards - do you think?

GAG should offer a small variety of giftcards - i.e. Asos giftcards as a girl I think would be cool for us women and for men they could something like Topman, BHS or something along those lines.

Also do you think GAG should lower the time limit. Like you can redeem one every 6 months do you think this should be lowered to 3 or 4 months?


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  • I'm very satisfied with the Amazon giftcard thingy, but variety is always good.

    But I don't see anything about a time limit; where is that talked about?

    • i heard someone say you have to redeem a giftcard after 6 months - you can't redeem a card whenever you want

    • ahh, thanks. Well, darn, good to know

    • ikr I was think 3 or 4 months would be better lol np do I know you on here


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  • Never anything wrong with variety, options are always a plus.

    Hell, I've gotten some pretty useful shit from the Amazon cards they have here, Power Racks, Waterproof Running shoes.

    Amazon kicks ass.

  • I didn't know they had a time period limit on reedeming giftcards, lol. I have yet to redeem but I would like to get an amazon giftcard eventually. Do you know whether they mail it to you physically or electronically?

    • i redeemed one its electronically its like a voucher key - has a redeemable code. And no there's no limit someone told me wrong lol. It'd be better if there was a variety i.e. eBay cards - I did put the suggestion forward

  • Problem is that there is a wide variety of stores available to all of us. I don't have any of those stores you listed near me.

    I'm quite content with the Amazon Gc.


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  • I'm sorry you've been misinformed, but there is no time limit regarding your Xper redeems. You can redeem your Xper points for anything at any time, as long as you have a high enough Redeemable Xper Total, of course :-)