Have you ever gotten good advice from GAG?

The advice that I've received from this site have been spotty. Sometimes it's alright advice, sometimes I've ended up following bad advice.

What's your experience?


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  • Well...I asked questions here that were related to my relationship. Obviously when you try to explain your question you can't explain everything, a relationship is way more complicated than that. Almost everyone here told me to break up with my boyfriend.

    He smokes to much in the flat? break up with him. Sex is not at his best right now? break up with him.

    The thing is, I know that we're made for each other and people don't see the entire picture. So, I just talked to him about what I felt was wrong and now it's all good. So I didn't follow those advises.

    • It sounds to me like you should break up with him.

    • Well, thank you very much

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  • Most of the time I get good advice. I mean when I ask a serious question where I really need the help. I'll usually get good advice or an eye opening perspective to my situation. Of course there are times where none of the answers seem to really help but in my experience the good outweighs the bad, that's why I'm still around. I like the people here(:

  • Yes, There's always this anon user that always gives good advice.

  • The great insight I've gotten from GAG hasn't really been advice, but more point of view. Sometimes, it's difficult to see how WE affect others, especially the opposite gender, so the most useful information I've gotten on GAG is from men explaining their point of view about situations I also found myself in. It's helped me A LOT to understand myself and men better. It also helped me to realize that men and women weren't quite as different as I originally thought, haha!

    • So what have you found makes us not as offerer as you once thought?

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    • I just realized that Siri said offerer instead of different. Stupid auto correct.

      I suppose that's true. I used to be like that. Now I'm emotionally cripple. You can find that with many guys.

      People sometimes don't realize that the other gender are still people. People usually all have the same needs.

    • I guess because I'd never interacted with a man in a romantic sense for so long, I just didn't get that. The guy friends I had were always so anti-sentimental and even a bit cold about such things, but that was really because we were just friends. So I'd just never seen men behave in such ways.

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  • You have to winnow through all the silly people, but yes, I've received topnotch advice at times. Not always flattering, but therefore, very useful!

  • I've gotten good advice from other users. I don't remember which ones, but I did use their advice. I thank them.

  • yea. but I don't know where to start. I have been here for three years for a reason

  • uhhh, mostly no. like 98% of the advice is garbage. I stick around because I give good advice.

    • see how I have 7 down votes? like I said most of the advice is crap shit

  • it is almost always overly optimistic or fairytale advice

    • I agree with the fairytale advice. I freaking hate those like cut that crap & be honest & realistic so you can actually help the person.

      I disagree with the optimistic part. Sometimes giving optimistic advice can encourage a person who is feeling down about something.

    • optimistic is OK but the overly optimistic (fairytale) stuff is the worst.