So some GAGers have so many friends in their friend lists that they can't remember who they have messaged?

Sorry,I don't mean to be sarcastic but I can't help asking this. I have read that some GAGers have so many friends in their friend lists that they forget who are the ones they have messaged and also can't remember the contents of their conversations because they have too many friends on here.I feel sorry for their friends.I thought less is more when come to having friends on this site?Or maybe I'm just weird?


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  • I currently have 170 "friends" on here. All but one or two of them friended me first, many to ask me for help/advice. Some of these people I "know" a little from their posts, and some are nearly total strangers. I've only met 3 people on GAG in real life, and none of them are on GAG much anymore.

    It is what it is. To me, it's not "good" or "bad", and I don't get any self-esteem from having a high number of "friends" here, nor do I make a special effort to remember each person I've talked to. Many of these "friends" have never messaged me, or only done so once or twice. Again, whatever. It's no big deal.

    [It should be noted that, by default, you can't message people privately unless you "friend" them first. That can be disabled, as I did when I became a Mod here, but that's one of the reasons I have a lot of "friends."]


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  • I have 265... I remember a lot of the conversations but not always who was the person who sent me message since it's never an actual name it's always a nickname and sometimes it's a similar nickname to other users. Anyway I remember messages from friends and family a lot easier because they're friends and family. Plus I'm really only on this at night so I can be quite tired, I mean it's almost 6am here...

  • I only really chatted with 2 of my 77 friends.

  • Well, there are certainly people who have a shit tonne of friends, but a lot of the time...they people with huge friends lists don't message a lot of them, so there's no issue of forgetting who they contacted


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  • I know some people have like 400 or so friends its like do you really talk to them or is this like Facebook man.

    I have 230 I think and I talk to about 50 of them. Many have left, some hardly one on here and the others I have thief contact info so we chat on there instead on here. I have a bunch who I talk to here and that's about it.

  • uhmmm...who cares? lol

    No offense, but why is it really any of your concern how many friends other people choose to have on GAG? You make it out to be a big deal...?

    • I'm just curious about human behaviour.I'm here to observe human behaviour.I'm a busybody on here.Hahaha XD

    • oh okay, I see. I hope I didn't offend you, I didn't mean it in a bitchy way...I just don't see what the big deal with it is.

      Some people probably just get a lot of friend requests and accept them or they want to feel like they have a lot of friends. I mean...can you truly be friends with anyone here/?

    • :-)