How do you rate the new version of Gag?

I haven't browsed it long enough to give a opinion yet. So GaGers what do you think of new version of the site? Was it everything you hoped and wished for?

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  • I would give it 3 stars out of 5. I do like how modern it looks, the new blocking system, the new messaging system, the new rating system for opinions, etc. But, I do not like the topics. There are too many and it is somewhat difficult to find questions to answer. I mean yeah, there's the "recent questions" tab and the live feed but I liked being able to click on a specific category and see everything in that category. I suppose that's what the "Browse" tab at the top is for but I don't like how that works, it seems very difficult to use. However, other than the topics, I really like the new site:)

    • What's the new blocking system?

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    • HAHA.
      awesome. I'm sure that's going to sting a lot of trolls.

    • Haha! Yeah I think so too:)


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What Girls Said 3

  • I like some changes, the design looks nice. But I prefer the functionality of the old website. Not sure I like this new feed design. It's too easy for good questions to go unnoticed and you can't look through them by category any more. 2/5 stars

  • I guess 3 stars. The site has to grow on you.

  • I don't usually mind new... but this version when there is a new comment or answer on your question or a comment on an answer you have made it's not highlighted like on the old version so it is harder to find. I get the notifications to say there is something but it's not clear on the question/answer. I don't like that. Otherwise I'm sure we will get used to it soon.

    • You should be seeing a yellow/golden badge that says NEW on all new activity.
      Let me know if you're not seeing that :-)

    • Aha! I see it on yours! I'm sure I didn't see that yesterday but most likely mistaken! Thank you :)

What Guys Said 4

  • Is anyone else having an issue loading emails?

  • i has yo grow on me. so far... i dont like it.

  • I'll give it a 4/5. People are so resistant to change its sometimes comical. But the nature of GAG is not to leave when you vehemently don't like how things operate... its to stay and complain about it indefinitely. I've seen users with usernames such as "ihatethiswebsite" but yet they linger here like an old goat. Everyones upset, but no ones leaving. GaG admins have achieved the happy medium.