GAGers who have used the new messaging feature -- how do you find it? Is it better than the previous version?

Is it easier to type our messages and proofread them before sending? And thanks for casting your vote downstairs.

  • Yes, the new messaging system is better than the previous version.
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  • No, I don't think so.
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  • I personally don't see the difference, I haven't really used it as an instant chat... i've basically sent messages, waited for replies and sent messages. The only difference for me is how it looks. As for proofreading I generally don't do that anyway.


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What Guys Said 1

  • it is light years better than what we had before


What Girls Said 3

  • It has more of an instant-message feel to it... I haven't used it too much yet but so far I like it much better than before, the old version was rather slow and cluttered and just a mess really, this new version is a great improvement.

    • But when I look at the box on my S4 to type the message, it is so small and hard to proofread what I have typed. Even the box to type this comment to you is so small :-( And how would I know if my friends are online? Thanks!

    • Okay, I do agree, I am a bit annoyed with how small some of the boxes are where you have to type in your messages and answers.. and I'm not really sure how to tell if someone is online or not, other than going off of their recent activity. Even my profile says I was "Last seen" 4 hours ago... which is obviously wrong.
      Anyways you could always send the Admins a message - - if they don't know it's a problem then they won't know to consider addressing it!

    • Thanks so much. I have feedback to sparrow :-)

  • Had trouble at first now that I'ave used it more seems to work better & faster.

  • Yeah I like it better :)