Why on Earth did they change the site?

When did they change the site and why? I completely hate it. What ws wrong with the old one? How are you all feeling about the new look?

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The layout is too wide. I keep getting a headache looking at it, oh well


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  • It feels like I'm opening some overdone app when I enter the website. The thing that sortta bothers me about it is nothing's really changed. You're still going to get the sixteen year old girls asking whether or not a frequency change of.07 repetitions a minute of their crush's blinking means he likes them. There's still going to be at least 1 guy a week asking if his dick is big enough. You can't even say it's the same shit, different pile. It's the same shit and the same pile, they just happen to drape an unnecessarily fancy table cloth over the mound of turd.


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  • Admins often don't see a difference between "upgrade" and "change". Which is really bad, actually. Now they remind me google with their constant bullcrap YouTube "updates" that all users hates.

    Instead of upgrading the website to make it better, they changed it to make it different. While some features such as ability to see gender of people who upvoted/downvoted you is good, other things piss me off such live feed that by default shows both questions and answers and you can't save "questions only", so you have to select it every goddamn time.
    New interface is crap though.

  • Change is the essence of everything. What evolves survives and what doesn't stagnates :)

    Everything is not about 'not mending what's not broken' kind of stuff. Change is good and I think this is better.

    I think most of us are being shaken out of a comfort zone which is why we don't like the change - I do ;) It's only human to be averse to change and feel discomfort :)

    Matter of time, open your mind and you'll like it too :)

    • Evolution != blatant change.

      Why people fail to understand that...

    • Technically evolution can also provoke extinction as well if the evolution was not for the better. Change for the better is evolution, change for the sake of change is an evolutionary dead-end.

    • Everything is a cycle while evolution is not necessarily for the better :) Evolution yes also brings about extinction but again everything's a cycle. There is bound to be a flush out for everything (except maybe roaches lol)

      We take democracy a tad literally akin to every person is the president kind of stuff, I can say what to implement what not to cause I voted even as an individual :)

  • I think there are some advantages to the new site layout (specifically on mobile devices) but also think they've overcomplicated the navigation to get to questions to answer. Sometimes simpler is better.

  • Probably in the minority about this but I think it's good. I like a lot of the changes they've made. The only thing I really kind of don't like is that you can't follow private profiles. At least with the original, you could try adding them as a friend (even though they were likely not to accept because well, they are private) but now you can't even follow or add them. I think they should have made it at least so they could maybe accept your follow.

    I know you won't give me best answer on this because I'm disagreeing with you but that's what this site is, opinions.

    • Also, just because you hate it now, doesn't mean you won't hate in the future. Change is a part of life, it's just something that's going to take time to get used to

    • will hate it*

  • It honestly was time for a change.

  • Overall I do not like it. I am trying to though. There was no reason to change the old layout. They could of just modified it.

  • they changed it out of boredom i guess


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  • Well, I mean they've been talking about changing the site forever.

    But yeah I don't like it. It actually gave me a headache when I first saw it from all the white.
    I do like the wide range of categories though as it makes it easier for me to answer questions that I actually care about, but I don't like that "live feed" Facebook crap. I have to agree on Eugene on this one. Hopefully, they don't get to the point of where YouTube is and if they do decide to change the format again they LISTEN to what we want.
    YouTube gets on my freaking nerves. No, I do not what to see what you recommend I watch when I first log on! I want to see my dang subscriptions! That's why I subscribed to these people in the first place and with the last update they kept taking my subscriptions out of order after I organized them. I understand that that particular person only uploads one video a month and that's why I put them at the top of my list. Don't rearrange it for me! YouTube rant over.

  • The changes launched yesterday. I think they just wanted to update the look and make it more modern.

    Personally, there's a few things I don't like but overall I'm fine with the changes.

  • I hate it as well. I agree with other users saying they wanted to modernize it but I miss the old site.

  • I am pissed because I lost my Guru status, I like the fact that I can skip all of the Does He Like Me questions though

  • Gives me a fucking headache, eh