Anyone else disappointed with the new GaG?

So no chat, which everyone missed, but now you can connect with Facebook and Twitter, two remarkably useless and annoying "features". How is this an improvement?


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  • There's no instant chat but at least the private messaging system has been vastly improved.

    There are things I like and dislike about the new layout... I'm still sort of neutral but I'm getting more and more used to things now. It just takes a little time.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I kinda like it but it's taking sometime to get use to this new layout

  • Uh it is a bit difficult to navigate.

    When I click on my questions or "opinions" they aren't in descending order from the most recent one. I have trouble finding them again. Really fucking annoying. Thats my only complaint... so far

    Also, way too many categories for me.

    But I guess they wanted a change. New Year, right? ...


What Guys Said 2

  • I like the more accurate topics/subjects. Makes it easier for me to find the questions I want to answer or search for. I like how I don't have to go through the menu to get to the next question in the category after answering a question. I can't seem to follow a user who has a private account and I can't make friends with them. At least I haven't found out how. Don'tChat or no chat I don't care. I don't like that when looking at my list of answers it doesn't show if I got up or down votes right there on the list.

  • Actually one thing I hate among many things Is the private messaging. You only have 500 characters.