why is there still no chat (instant message) feature on the new gag layout?

the tite says it all, they updated the entire site but still haven't added chat, what is up with this, does anyone know if chat plans to return or no?


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  • Yes, I would really really like to finally get an explanation why they so vehemently refuse to include an instant messenger on here.

    I can assure you, if an admin is going to post an answer here, they will only tell you the new messaging system is now threaded and has a "chat feel" to it. Yes, they have improved it. But the point of chatting is the INSTANT part of it, to not have to refresh the page for every new message.

    Anyways, maybe this time we'll get an actual explanation instead of just a reminder of how the new messaging system works.


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  • the new message system isn't as good as chat though bit better than previous version, a chat is needed cause one can have multi conversation while using the site, to use the messaging service for a conversation in here you have to keep your message box page open up all time


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  • I wondered that myself.

  • We know you guys miss the chat.
    We're still considering our options regarding a chat feature so we'll definitely let you all know when/if any decisions are made.

    And yes, I will mention that if you're messaging someone and you don't leave the messaging page, you don't have even have to refresh, the new message will automatically pop up. So it is practically instant :-)