Why the change from 'Answers' to 'Opinions'?

I don't know if this has been answered anywhere. I was just wondering why it was changed. I can guess it was because 'answer' sounds too definite and concrete while opinion is more loose and not so definite.. If you get what I'm trying to say.


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  • Your guess is exactly it. What we're giving is nothing more than our opinion of what we would do, not necessarily the for sure answer that will be the solution.

    Still, I preferred "answer" over "opinion." It sounded better.

    • I agree. Even if it wasn't accurate, the slogan and everything else sounded better with Answer. Opinion sounds kind of awkward.


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  • That's my guess.

  • this was a dumb and pointless change. we're ANSWERING questions and gag's users are used to it being called "answers" so why change it?

    another annoying change is I can't see how many thumbs up or thumbs down my answer got without going to the question. I can't see the thumbs up or down of other responses unless I give one myself. that's dumb.

    I think a lot changes weren't thought through well or were over thought resulting in pointless changes.

    • I personally really enjoy the changes. And this is only the first week of the new gag. I'm sure they will fix little things along the way. You just have to be patient (:

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  • Because the admin say all we are giving is an opinion.

  • We find it to be a more accurate term for what people give and receive here on G@G. People rarely ask for facts or statistics, they're here asking for advice and for others' opinions on what they like, or what they'd prefer, or how they view your situation, etc.

    I hope that makes sense :-)