Which age range asks the most interesting questions?

There is no relevant details to this question. The question is all in the title.

Sorry, the poll only allows 5 options. If you think it's the over 45 group, you can give an opinion.

  • Under 18
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  • 18-24
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  • 25-29
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  • 30-35
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  • 36-45
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Most Helpful Guy

  • People in their mid 20s. So it's a mix of b and c.


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  • I find e everyone's questions interesting & I don't belittle anyone's doubts. What is simple for some are difficult for others.

    In the process of answering questions there is a lot we learn too about humans and their behavior.

    I'd grade everyone's questions interesting and matter of fact I thank all the question askers for asking whatever they do that expands my vision and thoughts


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