How do i delete a question i posted?

i'm embarassed that I ever asked a particular question on girls ask guys. how do i delete it? I don't want a consatnt reminder of past naivety.


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  • Users cannot delete their own questions. Only admins can permanently remove questions. However, questions will only be removed if it violates the Terms of Use of the site. So, just because you are embarrassed by the post is not enough for it to warrant removal. Admins claim this is so future members may stumble upon your question and relate to it somehow and receive help or insight from the answers.

    There used to be an option to make posts anonymous after you have posted them, however, this option is not yet available on the updated site. That being said, I have seen admins mention that it will be available again soon. So, when that happens, you can just make yourself anonymous on that question and no one will be able to see it on your profile.


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  • Make it anonymous so it can't be traced to your account. Then you could try contacting GAG and ask to have it deleted, but you'll need a good reason for that.


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  • I don't think you can do it on your own. Contact an administrator maybe they will help you.

  • I'm sorry but we do not remove questions, opinions, articles, or comments per user request. This is so that there is helpful advice and interesting questions on the site at all times :-)
    If the post doesn't violate any Terms of Use, we will not remove it.

    Please check out our FAQ for more information on posts