Why do my questions keep disappearing?

My questions were available and now they are gone. What is happening? Are they removing my questions


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  • If your question is not showing on the site but you have NOT received a message from us stating it was removed and why, that means it was hidden by a Supermod/Ubermod and is under admin review.

    Please remember to ALWAYS attach a sexuality related Topic when posting sexuality related questions. If you don't, the question will be hidden by a Supermod/Ubermod until we (admins) are able to review the question and decide if it should remain on the site.
    To make sure the question isn't hidden for that reason, PLEASE attach relevant topics to your questions when you post them (especially sexuality questions).

    I hope that helps!


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  • If a question of yours has been hidden / removed, I believe you should be able to see the reason for it when you go to view your questions.

    You can check out this part of the FAQ to see the basic guidelines behind why questions get removed:

    • I do see any reasons under my questions section

    • Well then, it's possible your questions are only hidden for the time being. The Admins will not remove something you post without telling you why it was removed. Mods can hide posts temporarily, until the Admins decide whether or not the content should be removed altogether. Please try to be patient until then! If you have any questions you can let me know or message the Admins: http://www.girlsaskguys.com/contact

  • They most likely have gotten deleted if its not in your list of questions. You can always ask sparrow or some other mod and they might could help ya out.

  • Hum, well it isn't shown for some reason, it could be inappropriate or sensitive. They should tell you why though, via message.

  • Yea, sometimes they remove questions for various reasons.

    • Without notification?