How to delete a question here?

How do you delete a question asked on this site. My ex is on the site too and I need to delete a question so he doesn't know I'm taking advice from here.


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  • Users cannot delete their own posts. Only admins can permanently remove things. The admins have said they do not remove anything per user request unless it violates the Terms of Use of the site.

    Sorry hun, so many relationship questions get asked here though so I doubt your ex will see it and if he does, he may not automatically assume it's you.


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  • Ditto what xHoneyBeex said. I don't know if you still can with this new layout, but you could try making anonymous. If he harasses you, you can block and report him.

  • you can ask an administrator or moderator (such as myself) to remove it.

    • how about making the question anonymous after it's been posted! I hate that that feature has been removed. How can I get my one question to be made anonymous?

    • that is not a feature that as far as I know has ever been available on the site. once a question is posted you can only add updates... as far as I know.

    • On the old site it was possible for a user to change a question or answer to anonymous after it was posted. They removed that feature when the new site launched. However, I've heard that they may implement it again in the future.

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  • Like xHoneyxbeex said it can't be done.