This guy is so socially awkward. How do I know if he likes me?

He's a sophomore, I'm a senior- we are both in high school. We were friends- I told him how I felt, he hugged me and told me we could remain friends but now he won't talk to me. A week after that happened- he tried to kiss me but I hugged him because he caught me off guard. Now he just stares at me, he says little things to me like hi and how are you. He tries to be in the same room as me at most times. We had a fire drill after school and it was cold, he came up to me and tried to huddle for warmth, he drew his body closer to me. I put my head on his shoulder and he backed away. He came up to my friend, whom he doesn't talk to at all, and complained about his finger hurting. I grabbed his hand, attempting to help him and he pulled away. I don't understand- he stares at me all the time, but never says anything, he doesn't want me touching him apparently, but he comes by me, he knows I like him- what's the problem? How can I tell if a shy guy likes me or not?


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  • you can tell if he likes you if he makes conversation with you. If I don't like in that way i will just say hi. If it's somone I like I will say something like hi how are you? how you been? I might even smile at them I used to be shy by the way


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  • approach him first. always..