Can someone PLEASE help me change my profile pic?

Whenever I go to Edit Profile and I click Update to change my profile pic, it doesn't go anywhere let alone do anything! I've been wanting to change it for DAYS and have gotten nowhere so far. Where it says Edit Avatar: -PIC-, there's no other button but the Update button under it. Can someone please help me?


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  • Have you tried doing it on your computer (desktop/laptop)? It should work on those. Some buttons don't work on mobile objects.

    • Nooo :/ I dont have one lol

    • Borrow someone's computer (at their place) or go to an internet cafe or the library to use their computers long enough to change your avatar. (take the picture you want with you on a thumb drive)


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  • I have experienced this on the mobile version as well. You can write an email to GAG because it is feedback they will appreciate.

  • We're aware of the issue with changing avatars on the mobile site and are currently working on fixing this.
    We're sorry for the inconvenience, but it will be fixed soon :-)