Do you ever type in questions in the search box to see if someone has already asked the same question you have before?

I do and sometimes I answer them too some of them are like from 2 years ago lol and then I answer the question.


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  • Sometimes. Lepends on what my question is. If it's something really personal that includes a life story, I just ask; if it's something that can easily be repeated, I search first.


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  • I used it when I first started coming here until I learned it was basically useless. Not sure how it works but it doesn't really seem to use relevance as a priority. You can't filter or sort your results and it almost always seems to pull up old and/or irrelevant questions.

  • I would totally do that if the search feature on here wasn't so completely useless.

    • It isn't at leas to me its not you just have to simplify the question in the search box.

    • What I meant is that you can't filter your search, nor sort the results. Even the lousiest forums on the internet have advanced search options. I don't get why GaG doesn't.

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