How many would like the ability to edit/delete posts on GAG?

The one thing that constantly annoys me on GAG that other sites have but GAG lacks is the ability to edit/delete posts. Often times I'll realize a typo or something I left out after I post and want to fix it but can't or I might want to take back something I posted. Or at least allow us some time after posting to edit/delete before the post gets locked in (I think YouTube does this).

What do you guys think about this?

  • You should be able to edit/delete posts freely
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  • You should be able to edit/delete posts for a while before it gets locked in
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  • You shouldn't be able to edit/delete posts at all
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Note that this is being able to edit/delete ONLY your OWN posts, not other peoples.


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  • Im all in for the ability of wanting to edit/delete posts. Some questions contain personal info of either themselves or others. IE: pics, names, etc. It should only be fair in any situation either way in my opinion


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  • No because then everyone would delete their questions and this site would be so chaotic with missing questions

    • Well that's what the ability to edit/delete only for 5 or so minutes thing is for. After 5 minutes no one would be able to do anything because it's locked in.

    • That's true

What Guys Said 5

  • I always broke the eraserss off my kids pencils before giving them to them. I told them if they could learn to write without making mistakes, they didn't deserve to have fingers!

    • I spelled erasers with two s's, and now I can't go back and fix it! I've just cut off my last finger. At least I still have my thumbs.

  • i'm in favour of having a timed edit function.. where after posting an answer, you have maybe 10 - 15 minutes to edit it. I don't think there should be deletions because the knowledge may be useful to someone in the future who may be searching for the answer to their question

  • Sometimes you just have to fix typos, sometimes you realize after the fact that you posted to the *wrong* question... yah, I agree.

  • I make so manay mistakezsx

  • If you are not an admin/mod, you shouldn't be able to delete posts. The pleasure of freedom of speech is the ability to express your opinions without being infringed upon. If you allowed users to delete other people's answers, you are just going to create a big power struggle on the site and it will be unproductive. Less admins and mods, the better - just like government.

    • Woah there, sorry if I wasn't clear but people would only be able to edit/delete their OWN posts. I've never heard of a site that lets its users delete other user's posts, lol.

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    • I'm a perfectionist so it really just annoys the hell out of me, especially when someone replies to it and I have to come back and stare at it, lol.

    • I lick windows and drool on myself, so to me it's not all that important.