As a new Member - This website in a nutshell?

I've signed up for this website a few minutes ago, I still have to figure out how everything works. So basically I started reading some of those questions asked and I must say I am rather..well... confused. Not in a negative way, of course! I haven't started answering anything yet, heck, I do not even know whether I'm doing everything correctly here.

So, judging from you experienced members, what can I expect from this website in the future? :)


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  • There are differenty types of people here. Some are nice, but unfortunately you'd also encounter some misogynists and people with the victim mentality..

    Just look around, participate if you can and want to, and I'd advise you to not take anything you read on the internet too seriously. And have fun while you're on here!

    If you're confused, check out the FAQ or ask us anything!


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  • Most people here are US teenagers, so you won't get so much helpful advice or insight from the majority of posters unless the subject is teen fashion or celebs.

    But there is a community of older folks you can connect with. You have a lot of freedom to speak your mind, except about a couple of taboo subjects in the US cyberpace, so take advantage of that!

    There is a lot more censorship elsewhere.

    • Yeah, I realized that too. Some "problems" here are so dumb and immature, they just make me laugh :D It's entrtaining, though ;)

      Haven't come across the censorship yet... How exactly are things on this site censored?

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    • But I assume there's a difference between race related comments and racist comments, right?
      Hahaha, the part with the fat women made me laugh :)

    • No, any comment about race that offends anyone will eventually get deleted, most of the time, though of course since it's up to individual moderators, there's no consistent policy

  • Where dreams go to be crushed

  • Well, i'm new too :D don'4 worry, there is nothing to learn :D
    u have 2 choices, ask or answer :D that's all :D but the intresting thing is that you can choise what category you like to answer or ask :)

    Good luck.

  • its ok and very helpful indeed, and you will learn more here than any classroom

  • Escape this void of worthlessness whilst you can.

  • Free stuff for posting often. doesn't get better than that


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  • Well first, welcome to GAG! :)

    It's an interesting website to say the least. Lol Basically, you can ask and answer questions as well as follow other users. When you follow a user, you can see their activity if you set the "Live Feed" option to show all activity from users you follow.

    Some things can be confusing at first but you'll figure it all out. To find out everything the site has to offer, I would recommend taking a look at the FAQ.

    As you're browsing around the site, you will probably see some members who are rude or offensive but there are also a lot of really nice people here as well. Feel free to ask me anything if you have any other questions:)

  • Free place to give advice and not many trolls. For the most part people are nice and you may make a few new friends here and there