Have you ever been WAY OFF when answering someone's question on GAG because you didn't finish reading it? Or missunderstood it?

Have you done this or had it happen to you? If you can remember what did you say and what was it really about? Also likewise?

I'm pretty sure most, no all, of us have. I've done it a coupl time I'd say about twice or three times, but I usually will catch my mistake and fix it. And if I don't trust me the QA never has a problem with pointing it out, Lol

The same thing has happened to me a few times too!


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  • All the time. I tend to ignore details if they're too long-winded and so I answer the tittle but the person's tittle often deviates from their real question.


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  • There have been occasions when I read a question wrong and as such my answer will be completely off base. It's usually small things like "has" instead of "had" or something like that that throws me off.

  • Yes lol it happened once I completely misunderstood the question this girl asked I thought she was talking about wearing a bikini to school every day, but I misread the question and she was asking if it was a good idea if she should go biking to school everyday.

    • Omg that is soo funny!

      I swear if you had answered before you would've gotten BA!

      LOL just out of curiosity did you encourage her or no.

    • Haha no I didn't encourage her and awe dang =) its okay though XD

  • Happens quite ofter, I read the title thinking I don't need to read the rest of the question or I just skim over if it's too long, and by the time I post my answer, it has nothing to do with the question. I have the same trouble commenting answers, and it always bites me in the but.

  • No. It does happen to me; like in one of my questions I said I have sepsis and only one person actually said I should go to the doctor. Everything else was based on how drunk people like to get.


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