Do you like or dislike that best answers are picked for you now?

After 15 days if you don't pick a BA then some GAG robot will pick it for you and you can't unselect it even though it's your question and you may not agree with the pick. Or are you too cool to care?

  • Yes i care, pass the gat so i can smoke an mf'er
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  • I don't care, much like Audio Two said years ago
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  • Bah! You again with the stupid questions. Go throw yourself in front of the nearest train already
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  • I don't like it, if I don't select a best answer/most helpful then it was either because the question didn't need one or I didn't like any of the responses


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What Girls Said 6

  • OMG, after seeing this question I went to check my questions to see if "Most Helpful" had been given to anybody and it has. I don't get too upset over petty things, but this really sucks! 90% of my questions are just questions, so to select "Most Helpful" is just stupid!

    So, after ranting lol. I'd say I strongly dislike it!!!

  • I'm too cool to care.

    But seriously lol... I always pick a best answer / most helpful, so this doesn't affect me too much. Granted sometimes I would wait longer to do it, depending on the question and how many answers it's getting... so I guess now I'll just have to make sure to pick MH a bit sooner. Especially because no points are awarded to anyone when the system chooses the MH.

  • I do not care about the fact that a B/A will be chosen by the system if the Q/a hasn't picked a B/A.
    But I think it's very unfair for the person who gets chosen not to get any points for his answer.

  • i wouldn't care, if i didn't pick a best answer myself within 15 days i shouldn't be able to revoke an auto best answer the robot gives out.

    what does it use to decide on which person it gives best answer?

  • I didn't know they will pick a MH for you

  • It's true...
    From now on, if you DO NOT select a Most Helpful opinion on your question, the system will choose one based on engagement for you after 15 days.
    Neither the QA nor the person awarded MH will get the usual Xper points for MH.
    It's chosen based on engagement: votes, comments, length, time, xper level, gender, among other criteria.
    As long as you're giving helpful opinions, we'll find them (^_^)

    We encourage everyone (by sending reminders) to remember to select a MH opinion within 15 days so that YOU and the MH user can get the Xper points for selecting and being chosen!

    For reference, you can always check out our FAQ


What Guys Said 4

  • My most helpful % has gone up recently, so I guess the "bots" know what they are talking about ;). Lol, but seriously it doesn't matter that much since after 15 days, the original questioner probably isn't going to select a MH anyway...

  • I never noticed that. I don't really have an opinion on that. Like or dislike.

  • That's why I got 285 best answers all of a sudden!
    I've been on this site too long

    • My old profile got 1,800 best answers today alone, my BA% went up to 20 from a puny 4 before.

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    • I don't use the old one anymore. Got tired of certain things about it and now i just stay anon and hidden away.

    • Meaning what? Like followers? Surely those can be adjusted.