Are you a new user that registered after the site changes?

A friend of mine informed me of some strange behavior going on here and that incited me to log back on and check it out...

It was sad. Anyways...

That said, I noticed a few users here and there that seem to be really into this site that I don't remember from the past.

What brought you here?


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  • a lot of people have Janson. Just in case you were cool with him Stitches.

    • We were cool for sure. He's got a good head on his shoulders and I'm sure it was for the best.

    • Yeah , he's going to med school so he had to leave. Good for him I say. 😏

    • Absolutely, it's always nice to see good people with ambition.


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  • Someone messaged me and told me some new user was you, because you cancelled this account, lol. There are some weirder new members that's for sure.

    • I know who did that, and it's really sad because that's another human being banging their head against a wall in delirium over the IDEA of me. But hey, we just can't control the way people think...

  • do you have another username?


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