Loving the update anyone agree?

I'm mobile but everything I think is in the the title lol


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  • I see more pros than done. My favorite part is that I don't have to go through the list of questions from the beginning after answering a question. I can just click "View Question" to get back to it, and click "Next" to read the next one on the list. Fast and easy. I've been able to answer more questions because of this.


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  • I hate the new update as it kicks you out of the question. I answer the questions first so i am not swayed by other opinions. But i usually wNt to look at whT others wrote. So i have to make an extra step just to see somthing i was just looking at.

    • I have the same complaint, but for different reasons. I like to read other peoples' opinions to help inform my own, then write my own, and then go back and consider replying to other peoples' opinions. Getting kicked out of the question after answering is rather annoying.

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  • Yes! I especially like that the guys and girls opinions are in one row now like on the old site. I don't have to switch back and forth to see the answers from the guys and then the girls. I also like that the up/down vote arrows are red and green now. It's much easier to see.

    I use the site on my mobile phone a majority of the time so this makes things a lot easier:)

    • Agreed!!
      Do you work for the site?

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    • Omg I love the guys jump to the top thing!!
      What's a supermod?

    • Oh yeah I just noticed that! Lol Basically, moderators just "moderate" the site for the admins. We hide posts that violates the terms of use of the site and then the admins decide if the post should stay on the site or be permanently removed. All of this info. can be found in the FAQ as well:) http://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/moderators

  • The old was much easier for me to use on my phone. There isn't an app yet for android.