Do you think GaG should have a...?

Feature like Facebook or Twitter where users can disable their account for a while and then back to it later. At least this they don't have to come back and make a new account if it got deleted or they deleted it


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  • FB etc have a different charter and vision while GAG is different again.

    I'm unsure how holding on to obsolete users will aid GAG or it's users. Their questions & answers remain however, for others to view which is the basic idea of GAG.

    It's a loyalty situation, once gone is gone. Then you come up again through the ranks :)

    It's a novel idea but of little use to GAG on both it's objectives and also revenue :)

  • I don't really care either way. I go on hiatuses from this site, I just stop logging on and then show up again whenever.

  • Yeah that would be cool well just don't commit any of the violations and you should be good.


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