GaGer's who are aged between 30-40 are immature and rude? Whereas 18-29 are very mature and give constructive advice?

I have noticed something. I believe everybody should've noticed this.

Yesterday, i complemented a woman on GaG and i got bashed. For no particular reason.

You can check my "question" to this questioner. Since, this was a question asking other GaGer's to raise any questions about space. And for the rest of the story, you can read my comments and also the woman who commented on my opinion.

I want your opinion on this. Are all the GaGer's aged between 30-40 so rude and immature?

Because, as far as my experiences are concerned, whenever i stated my opinion on a question, i saw more mature answers from 18-29 year olds than all those 30-40 year olds.

I wan't a moderator to end this question. It seems like i'm being insulted by people over here who have clearly misunderstood me and don't exactly know the situation properly.



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  • I think that's misunderstanding...

    • Thanks for mh
      Just let the whole matter rest. ..

    • My comment is based on the compliment u gave her n she got misunderstood but she backtracked. Just let the whole thing rest


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  • Okay, I've noticed the same exact thing. I think it's because they think our generation is spoiled and they think we feel entitled. Which is true in some regards. They never have anything nice to say and have an attitude like we've got it so easy. We're 'dumb kids' in their eyes 99% of the time. The things our generation worries about is beyond them in someways, and they think we're annoying because we're worrying about petty things. One time I asked a question about my finances, and someone in this age range said I wouldn't have to worry about money so much if I spent less money on make up and more on my bills. Was that even necessary?

    That brings me up to me next point.. Perhaps they're jealous that we're so young and try and bring us down in that way. These may not be accurate but they're my best guesses.

    Enjoy being young because we can <3

  • I don't think they are immature. They are just relax. They are not planning to save the earth anymore.

  • You were not bashed "for no particular reason, you were bashed because what you said came off as very sexist and therefor offensive.

    • You have no idea what you're talking about. Read the comments section twice before answering. She clearly stated that she was offended because i was surprised by her intelligence. She also stated that she would like to be complimented the old fashioned way. And yes. I was offended by her arrogant attitude. And I don't mind showing arrogant people who they are and show their place.

      Because if a person arrogantly states that old fashioned compliments suit her and that she's "offended" just because I was surprised by her intelligence. Then she DOES have some serious issues.

    • I don't care enough to argue with you about it.

  • Ah, call me biased, but I don't think she was the immature one...
    Nothing more frustrating than talking about a subject you like, trying to explain things in an interesting way and get a great discussion going, and then the other person just kills it with such a comment "wow, I'm impressed by your intelligence" and not even a comment or question regarding the topic at hand.

    No offense, but it just showed you didn't have a clue about what you were asking, and no real interest in it to booth. I don't think she even took your "compliment" seriously and the fact you're taking it this far and associating her behavior with lack of maturity and her age while you're very mature is a bit funny.

    • I wanted to know if we humans could control stars. She thought that my question was too broad. I asked another question related to my question, since if a star was small enough then we humans could break it down into small substances. But her explanation proved that its impossible for us humans to control them and that there are so and so facts which does not let that happen. I agreed. And i was convinced one cannot control a star since the facts that she presented does not let that happen. So, i was quite impressed by her intelligence. I got my answer. I had to end the conversation somehow so i complimented her. But i kept getting notifications for no reason. When i checked she has written all sorts of arrogant statements? Can't you see that? All you people see is me going off the handle? Can't you see that she was literally asking for it? That she kept commenting on my opinion to provoke me? If she was really mature then she should've ended then and there.

    • But neither of you ended it then and there, did you?

      I can see your point now, but sadly it didn't come across like that before.
      Personally, I would rather people are impressed by my knowledge on a given subject than by my intelligence, and I think she might have taken offense in that as well (although these days people seem to have different views on the very definition of intelligence =/).

      You could still have tried to come up with some sort of question or comment on what she explained just so the subject didn't die like that, but I guess that's more to do with interpersonal relationships and personality, like the way you pick your words, etc.

      Generally I think women are pickier with words and on how you phrase and react to things, and that gets more accentuated with age in certain regards.
      Maybe that's one of the differences you talk about when referring to people in their 20's and in their 30's.

  • From what i had gone through , people in our age can understand you better. Mostly, they think the way you think and experienced what you had experienced, thats why they usually get you.
    On the other hand, the older people lived in a time different than ours, this is why they dont get us easily.

  • You misunderstood her. I did not see her being rude to you. She was nt aggressive to you but really informing that there are other females who are smarter than her and into it as a profession. I can see why she thinks you're sexist to her lol. I guess you are not exposed to a lot of highly intelligent females and this is where both you and her have a bad collision with other about life experiences.

    • A mature guy would back off and say sorry and leave it as that but i can't believe you kept insulting her..normally people esp teenagers say duh when they are obnoxious. 😎... She is not a typical woman all... You're silly.

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    • That's what happens when you talk to someone smarter than you. You're just being a sore loser. Your ego got defeated and don't want to admit publicly😉

    • And it clearly describes how mature you really are by calling me a loser and obnoxious. You just wanna fan your ego by looking down on me. If you don't have any constructive advice for me then why don't you kindly get the hell out of here?

  • not all of them are...but I think they probably have more experience in most of stuffs, since they are older, and lived a bit longer than us (generally speaking)... May be... maybe they think the questions that we asked are "nothing to worry about" so they hate to see that we are worrying about the tiny tiny things from their perspectives, because they have bigger problems in their lives? LOL so they tend to say mean/rude advice? :( maybe.. i was just trying to understand why..they are rude/immature T_T but really not all are like that.. really sorry to hear, you got rude/immature comments from them.

  • Yes so true. I've had to block many. As they are offensive and for some reason bitter about women. Hence why at 30 and over their single and using the site to vent about their bad luck

  • Wow... O_O

    Seemingly the misunderstanding was on both sides. However, some people on here are very negative, and you shouldn't let that affect you. It's not you, it's them. Don't worry about it.

    • To add to that... Some people don't know how to take a compliment. Some women are strongly feminist and constantly take comments as "sexist"... just gotta recognize it and know where to end the convo in peace. You can't win an argument with someone like that... so be careful! :)

  • Um there's GaGers (under 18) who are educated and mature

  • I agree with you, she was way too sensitive. You did nothing wrong. She needs to get over herself. As for the rest of your question? I haven't really noticed a difference between the age groups and rudeness.

  • Not all but some are. Just like not all of the younger groups are immature advice givers


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  • In that discussion, you looked very rude.

    You asked a question that was ambiguous. She responded appropriately by asking for clarification. You responded with a snappy tone, like she was stupid for asking for clarification. She responded appropriately by overlooking that insulting behavior.

    After you clarified your question and she answered it, you gave her a compliment. That compliment seemed anti-woman because it sounds like you thought she was some grand exception to the ordinary stupidity of women. Given the behavior before, it came across as, "I thought you were stupid like all other women before, but now, you do not look stupid, though other women still do."

    It is possible that you did not mean it that way, but that is how it sounded. She had every reason to feel offended by it. She responded by explaining (without insult) that she felt offended. That was an appropriate way for her to respond.

    Instead of admitting that you could have chosen your words better, as would have been the appropriate thing for you to do, you began to insult her intelligence (going back to the "Oh, you are a typical woman" theme from before) and her psychological health.

    Frankly, you looked like an insufferable jackass.

    • I have reported your question just because you have misunderstood me and plus insulted me by calling be a jackass when the real nasty animal is you

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    • Whether someone gets furious in response to a statement does not determine whether that statement is an insult. That is rather beside the point though, because SaVes was not furious about it, nor did I say she was.

    • Jesseray you're a boss. I wish I could explain myself with words as good as you do, but I just don't have that level of vocabulary yet, or I'm too lazy :p

  • She misunderstood a comment of yours an then backtracked. You completely flew off the handle then wouldn't let it go.

    So based on the evidence provided it would appear that 18-24 posters are significantly less mature then 30+ ones. But that's based on a sample size of one.

  • I don't see what you're complaining about, basically she asked you to narrow your question... which you suggested wasn't easy, she then told you how you could've narrowed it down. Then you became quite condescending to her about the whole thing, which I personally think is more immature than what you're suggesting she did at all. I mean being sarcastic, calling her 'ignorant' and 'stuck up' is hardly being mature, nor the better person in the whole thing.

    • "Even if that's what he meant. There are a lot of female astronomers, astrophysicists, and cosmologists. I find it a bit offensive that he'd be so surprised."

      "It was a rather old-fashioned compliment then. It sounded like, "Wow, an intelligent woman! I'm impressed!"..."

      These were her words when the asker was trying to clear the misunderstanding. I would've remained quiet if she had just admitted it in the first place itself that it was HER fault since all I did was compliment her. But age kept saying how she was offended that I'd be so surprised? How she would rather receive a compliment in the old fashioned way? I mean, seriously? And you I am the one who's immature? All I did was compliment her?

      And you should read the entire comments before judging me. Because Had I not stopped her by speaking up for myself she would've ranted the whole way giving me tons of "arrogant" comments. And yes, she was arrogant.

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    • Of course you disagree, you thought she was being immature and I didn't... well obviously you are in the 18-24/29 category that you call mature I see that as a hint of your ego. You also don't have to 'insert a hint or irony' for something to be ironic. I don't recall saying you ever called me immature, if you're referring to the last part of what I wrote last time. It meant that you can't bash someone else for being immature when you're acting more mature than they are, the person i'm referring to isn't me but the person in this farcical question. I'm taking nothing personally, i'm just nitpicking at what you're saying to show why your argument is pointless. I mean surely you notice that most of the people who have answered saying that you were the person being immature, and the only people who haven't talk generally about the community and not directly about your argument.

  • Nope. Looks like you fired the first shot. She misunderstood you and then called your compliment old fashioned. Didn't say anything about you personally. Then you start going off the handle.

    Anyway that was a pretty interesting thread to read. Was cool learning about the star thing.

  • Maybe you ate the one who is immature and rude.

    • Maybe you should check your grammar before judging someone. And your username explains everything. You're one of those 36 year old adults who hasn't grown up yet.

    • Actually douche nag I'm older than 36. I'm glad that you've never had a typo Johnny hard ass. You are obviously a little pussy who is just whining because the female resisted your advances. But hey, you know what, maybe you are right tough guy. Maybe all the people commenting negatively about you are wrong, it couldn't be the common denominator. Nah, just go back to blaming every on else. Great come back though, I'm still feeling the burn. Have fun watching Star Wars in your mom's basement and talking online about how mature you are.

    • Uh-oh, I had another typo, damn, telephone tough guy is going to point that out, then I'll feel REALLY bad.:'(

  • I think she got offended way too easily. I didn't see your comment as sexist at all, when I saw that she got offended I was like "wtf he complimented you!" But that doesn't mean your 100% innocent either. You took kept arguing with her when you should have just dropped it, that would have made her look stupid.

    She's a feminist but you get angry easily and you hold grudges. That's my opinion.

    Also, by asking this question you make yourself look really immature.

  • i think you are right man! i used to know some user here who was in his 40s and he acted like a 14 year old trolling and picking fights with everyone. and i even had one with the age of 25-40 attack me when this new gag opened up at first and i attack him back and hit him were it hurt it the most. then a day latter he asked a question that was all about me. bitching and complaining because the attacks he made on me were getting frequently removed by the administrators

  • But you started it! And you have cooties!

  • You kinda came of off cocky and condescending in that convo. man. The comment could've been taken either way and she took it the wrong way. I doubt you meant to come off like that.
    Also, Starting this thread about how 20-somethings' are more mature than 30-somethings' while using this particular issue is your center piece doesn't make you look good.
    This looks someone that refuses to admit fault in any capacity. Seriously, you want this thread closed because you're not hearing what you want to hear?

  • What kheserthorpe said. It was a misunderstanding but then you wouldn't let it go.

    But then you asked a question devoted to judging an entire age group based on the actions of one person, which in the end makes you look less mature.

  • There are rude people all over the site. I haven't noticed any correlation with age.