50 Things Girls Should Know About Guys

This is by no means an inclusive or a complete list, but here are some things girls should know about guys. Also feel free to add your points in the comments.

1. Guys will never truly like girls who mess around with every guy. They may mess around with you, and act like they like you but if they know and see you with a whole bunch of other guys, they will never ever truly have feelings for you

2. Guys like it when girls mess up a little when flirting, makes them feel more comfortable

3. Bottom line, if guys want you, then he will get you, no matter how shy, or insecure he is

4. Guys are so confused about girls. Unlike guys, all girls have their own different, unique thought process. Guys all have similar thinking - if one's confused about something, then most likely they all are.

5. Guys may get shy around a girl they are interested in, but they will not ignore a girl they want
"Guys may get shy around a girl they are interested in, but they will not ignore a girl they want."
6. Guys usually like to talk to other girls about the girl they like if they need serious advice

7. Guys will mainly tell their guy friends stuff about a girl they like if its about her appearance not her personality, if they do they really like her

8. Guys will walk the long way if it means walking by her

9. Guys will stare longer at the girl that he's got his mind on

10. Guys think way more about girls, then girls think about guys

11. Little things that a girl do will have him thinking about the meaning of it for hours

12. Guys plan out what they're going to say to a girl before he talks to her, but in the moment he's talking to her, he will completely say whatever because he usually forgets his plan

13. Guys are attracted to girls even though they are confused about them, and everything they do...still they are interested, if not more interested

14. Guys love it when a girl wears his jacket

15. Guys love when girls smell yummy

16. Guys love to look at girls, when their not looking, and sometimes even when they are looking

17. If he's interested, he will always want your attention

18. Guys get jealous easily, they want to feel that you want them as much as they want you

19. Guys would like to feel like they are being chased a little bit too

20. Right before going to bed, they will think of the one girl they really care about

21. If they were really in it for you, they wouldn't just want sex, they would respect you, and prefer to cuddle

22. Guys are blind when it comes to a girl giving them signs about how she feels, you might as well flat out tell them

23. Sometimes guys like a chase, but they don't like a tease

24. Guys don't wanna be embarrassed in front of their friends

25. When they come up to you, and initiate a convo,or ask for your number and not just give you theirs, its a big thing for them, they are basically, risking the possibility of their ego taking a hit

26. Mystery draws them in

27. Guys don't like to see girls cry, so they might try to help you with personal issues, but don't always want to hear them

28. Guys don't want to look whipped in front of their friends, and if they don't care that means they like you a whole lot

29. If he looks at you longer then normal, and often, then that is definitely telling you something about how he feels

30. If he looks at your eyes in a convo, then he wants to know more about who you truly are
"Mystery draws them in."
31. A guy will plan a surprise for a girl that he really cares about, but after it's over he wants you to make him feel special for doing it, acknowledge his effort, he simply wants to bring you the joy you bring him

32. If a guy starts a serious conversation..listen...because then it's serious

33. He will always want to hang out with you, he will take every opportunity to be with you, no matter where it is

34. Ge careful, if he really loves you, you might have the power to turn him against his parents and/or friends

35. If within the first week of knowing him, he speaks to you in a sexual way, or acts like that's all he wants, its highly likely

36. Guys want to be loved just as much girls want to be loved

37. Drama is a no no when you're trying to keep a guy interested - they'll look at you like it's a chore to keep you out of trouble

38. Guys aren't that interested in girls with bad reputations

39. He will always act different around his friends than he does with you, unless hes completely into you

40. Guys are just as emotional, if not more, than girls, girls just show it more

41. Guys learn experience from the mistakes they've made, while girls learn from magazines, books and movies

42. Guys will always be at least semi-confused

43. Guys will never forget the girl that got away

44. Personality is always going to be the root of why they like you, so stay yourself

45. Guys might stammer or say something dumb, and they won't let it go, they will think about it on and off the whole day or till they see you next
"Guys like a girl who's not afraid to be herself."
46. Guys might give little tests to see how true the girl is

47. Guys like to see girls eat (if they're neat)

48. Guys like a girl who's not afraid to be herself, and just be able to kick back sometimes, and be chill

49. Guys will always need their "chillin with the guys" day

50. Guys may want a chill girl sometimes, but also want to be able to feel like a man, to feel that way they need some girly-ness


What Guys Said 56

  • In my opinion, not even most of these are remotely true.

  • nice to be reminded of the generalizations sometimes:D

  • time to follow this shit

    • read the whole thing. some stuff is good and true (at least 4 me).
      other stuff is just personal.

      -overall you got a good amount of knowledge

  • #25 and #41 r the best

  • 11 and 12 best

  • WOW!!! its awesome ... how did u know that things?

  • Wow, just wow... some things were on point, but a lot were absolute fails... especially #10 like @FlyingTurtle suggested... that is just completely opposite.

  • #46 should be more like #2 or - 5 at least...

  • So this is obviously a women that think she knows everything and obviously does not, lol

  • Excellent... Doctor!!
    You're now Ph. D. in this matter.

  • 21- Men are quite often very sexual beings. My testosterone levels are off the chart(medically proven, and losing hair big time), and I always want sex. Doesn't mean I do not care about the girl.

    And we really hate a tease... so much so that I've actually spent a lot of time and effort to get those teases for payback, make them think they're all that, and dump'em hard!

    Oh, and we do like plain, spoken language. No hints or insinuations.

  • 3, 5, 21, and 33 all BS.

    If you really like a girl, cuddling is amazing, but sex+cuddling completes our world

  • Some good, some bad...id say from 40 and 33 being pretty far off to 43 and 49 being spot on

  • 3, 5, 11, 30, and 47 are wrong.

  • Im a fan of # 22 haha

  • Find + Replace "guys" with "girls" and "girls" with "guys"...it's not all that different really..

    not anymore that is..

    This 'sex-labelisation' should stop really..

    But hey it's nice to see a girl's perspective, even though I dare not to agree with generalisations.

  • I have to say I think you nailed it.

    Just about, if not all, of these are true.

    Good Job :)

  • You lack of punctuation and capitalization really annoys me.

  • Most of this is just generalizing both women and men.

  • 12, 17, 21, 33, 36, and 41 are most definitely true, and the rest is pretty good too. 45 actually happened to me about 15 minutes ago haha

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What Girls Said 35

  • Omg the one that says guys are oblivious and you might as well flat out tell them is so true

  • i somehow can't get over the fact that guys will think about what they screwed up on in front of the girl for so long - i thought that only girls did that. and i also can't get over the fact that they will think about the little things girls do over and over - that's supposed to be a girl thing too, right? :/ but this was great and very interesting! :)

  • im pretty sure girls think about guys more but other than that love this list!

  • woohoo gotta love the lag on this page!

  • #5 - what does that mean? if so many guys are saying its false, does that mean that some guys do ignore a girl they like? if so then why?

    • A guy ignores a. Girl they like only when he does not want to have a relationship with them

  • #3 and 10 are simply not true. #11 is true of girls more than it is of guys. And where's the rest of 35?

  • I agree with questions 7, 9, 12, 17, 18, 24, 26 and 47. The only 2 I disagree with is # 10: guys think about girls way more than girls think about guys. I don't believe that. I think it's the other way around

  • eSHkidd AGREED. Haha 3 is complete BS. I think she got these off facebook like pages or somethin...

  • Some are true some arent. at the end of the day these things are just plain generalizations. every differs on a continuum. things in romance aren't black and white, yes or no. its a gray area usually. but thanks for the writeup though (:

  • man are alway gona be pigs and turn to be ahloics you will live and learn doll faces

  • This really helps me....when I didn't understand what a guys actions towards me were I used this as a reference.

  • 41 false. I don't even read magazines & rarely see movies & its mostly crap.-theatre, I like & it deals with actual thinking&Experience.

    I always contrast & compare past experience & present future possibilities , so I don't end up doing something dumb... not to mention I do not trust the crap that gets thrown at me from the relationship & sex industries

    experience is supremely important, to many people,I wonder actually why you would say that?

    Why would you assume that - # 41, I mean? :)

  • I think that this list is awesome :) , except that it won't apply on everyone ! Because simply everyone has his different personality :)

    Anyway , I appreciate the work and effort done in that :D !

  • I think girls think about guys more then guys think about girls..how do I know? my LITTLE brother 17, is a serial heartbreaker I've seen him do it tons of times.. he doesn't give a f*ck about the girl he just has sex with them and leaves them like trash and I just tell him don't you have any damn remorse? "No" why? "cause I'm a guy" yeah guys don't give a damn just as long as they get sum ass...girls they do care more about 'feelings' and how much we want to be loved and all that jazz. lifes funny


  • 41 is kinda BS. All human beings learn from past experience. Every. Single. One of us. But we are heavily influenced by the world around us, such as the media and our observations of other people. To say one gender learns one way and the other learns another is just foolish. Simply foolish, for we all learn in both ways.

  • 50 things we should know ?LoL is that Guys are just Guys and always will be.. just a guy..

  • :So if guys "give little tests to see how true the girl is" even if they hurt the girl? because in my case my ex broke up with me 3x and he told me that it was a test and now he proved it that I am true regarding my feelings for him but ofcourse its too late already because he keeps on hurting me.. dumping me 3x is too much... is he insane?why he's treating me like that...

  • I love this list

  • Haha thanks guys :)

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