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What Women Really Mean

Guys, I know you have been puzzled by the opposite sex and by no means do we make it easy for you. We say one thing, we mean another. We rarely ever say just what we mean. We only expect you to read our minds, what's wrong with that?

Well, in case you're not a mind reader, here is a little help for you on your journey to understanding women. First things first, if you think you understand what we mean when we say certain phrases, you probably don't. If you think we mean one thing, we usually mean another. Here are six great examples for you.

When a girl says:

1. I'm fine:

Guys this is a red flag for you. If a girl responds to one of your questions, with an "I'm fine", I can almost guarantee you she is not. If we say this, we are more than likely pissed at you for something you probably don't even know you did. WE ARE NOT FINE and you better be careful. This typically means we are unhappy and looking to beat your ass. Okay, well maybe not this severe, but really, you still need to watch out. Your best bet is to try and talk it out with us until we crack and tell you what's on our mind. Otherwise, we will go to bed angry and wake up angry the next morning.

"Whatever you do, do NOT leave us alone. Keep this in mind. We're just weird like that."
2. Leave me alone:

Now this one is tricky, because when we tell someone to leave us alone, nine times out of ten, we want you to do the opposite. Why do we do this? Hell, I don't know, we're women, we're just weird like that. Whatever you do, do not leave us alone. Again, this probably means something is wrong and we either need to talk it out with you or need your comfort. Leave me alone means, please don't leave me alone. Keep this in mind.

3. I like you:

While this sounds like an easy statement to comprehend, it really interprets to I'm still feeling you out. I would say, for me anyway, saying I like you doesn't mean I'm ready for a commitment, it means I still need to get to know you better. Good thing here is you're on our good side and we're thinking of giving you a chance. We like you as a person and are trying to figure out if we like you as more. If you hear this phrase, you should give yourself a pat on the back.

4. Will you do this for me:

Guys, just because this is phrased like a question, do not be deceived. We are not offering you an option here. When we ask you to do something for us, we mean you better do it, not you get a choice. Your best bet is to do what we ask to make us happy. I know this seems a little crazy, but like I said before, we're women, sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to the madness. If you choose not to do something we ask you for, please refer back to #1.

5. I'm not ready for a commitment:

Guys, we're women; we are always ready for commitment, unless we fall into the rare breed that aren't interested in getting married and having children. If we say this, you can read it as we are not ready to commit to YOU. There is something we are still trying to figure out about you and that is keeping us from wanting to commit. Don't give up hope though; you can change our minds on this one with some time.
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6. I think you're adorable:

Guys, this is your kiss of death. Saying we think you're adorable means we think of you as just a friend. Accept the inevitable; it's not going to work out. We are thinking of you like our brother and Lord knows we don't want to have a relationship with our brother, well unless we fall into that odd category again. It's very hard to get out of this category but with the right amount of effort you could be one of the lucky ones.

Hopefully you find this information useful in understanding your women. I know it's hard but understanding what we mean when we say certain things can be a big payoff in the end. Being able to understand what we are looking for will only make us love you more. Not to mention, knowing all this information will make you more marketable in the dating scene. It's rare to find a guy who just gets it. Good luck guys!

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  • 34d

    Just to mention one (the adorable thing): that has been the kiss of death for me, and once I put it to a woman (who told me that) point blank when I asked what she meant and asked if that was showing any sexual interest, and she basically said as a brother, no feelings that way at all. To which I replied, "Then I"d rather be a badass, or a charmer, or a..." to which she said:" But you ARE charming!" Ugggh.

  • 34d

    I have now experienced this type of hidden meanings but I dont begrudge the woman I love for this. I embrace it and realise that she is just reaching out. I've seen a lot of other forums where guys suggest to play mind games and make the women think that the guy is the best man in the world. It works both ways. It takes two to tango. Those two that can communicate and understand each other, even with hidden meanings and the odd miss communication, are not playing mind games. They are being their true self and are looking for reassurance that their significant other is interested. If it's not reciprocal it's not a relationship, it's not mind games its just the obvious. It's simple but love doesn't always let it work out that way. It's important to always remember to be honest to the one you love and yourself. That goes a long way.

  • Cool article. Now what do women say when they are REALLY fine. Like, seriously, fine. Content. Not p*ssed.

    What is the code word they use?

  • Finally

  • While growing up with two sisters and a mother I can see where you are coming from in everything you explained. I realized that the opposite of what a woman is telling you is usually what's REALLY going on. I also realized that I am a man and will always be the one getting into trouble for every little thing I do. I just accept that whatever I did whether I was really right or wrong, in women's eyes I'm always wrong. I also learned that I will never win the argument so I let them win and move on

  • Interesting article. But thinking like this is a cop-out. Simply because women are often this way doesn't mean the behavior is justified. It's unfair to behave irrationally and expect other people to adjust to your whims. It's unrealistic to take decisions based on your emotions as if it's the only way of doing things. It's too easy to simply say "women are like this" and throw your hands up.

  • Mind games are childish, if you want problems in your relationship, you should try it lol

  • I say what's on my mind which is hard for women in general to handle. I have told a woman that I disliked her haircut because it was so short she looked like a little boy. You say you want honesty until you hear bad news.

    If she says she is fine, I take it at face value. That is my way of avoiding any possible issues. Women can understand men because most of us don't play these mind games.

  • Haha! Here's another you can add to the list, "I just want to be friends..." Guys, USUALLY (meaning there are cases where this is actually true) when a girl says this, she means the kind of friends that never see or talk to each other...ever again. Sometimes the girl just may be too scared to REALLY tell you what she's thinking, maybe she doesn't want to hurt your feelings, I don't know. Unless she really means it, and you two have an actual deep friendship...move on!

  • If she tells me she's fine, she's fine. If she tells me to leave her alone, I'll leave her alone. Being up front with someone about what's going on is a basic human courtesy. Your lover of all people should be willing to show you that courtesy. If she won't, then she's nothing but an immature brat in my eyes, and we'll both be that much happier when she finds herself waiting on the curb to be picked up alongside the trash come tuesday morning. Don't got time for kids' games in relationships

  • This article is like a dating advice throwback from 10 years ago.

  • Agree with WeaponZero....I have no tolerance for minds games, cause that bring drama and that's the last thing I need...but nice article though.

  • Lol, it's funny how a seven word phrase form a guy ("But, the game is one right now") means just that - a seven word phrase("But I don't really feel like moving"). Now, cut that in half (Leave me alone") a three word phrase from a girl means a whole paragraph with some possible footnotes. lol,

    that was just a joke, I'm j/k. I actually liked the article a lot.

  • Maybe I'm the one in the minority here, but I honestly couldn't put up with a woman who played these kinds of mind games with me. My philosophy is this: My girlfriend has a job, and that job is to help me cope with the stresses of daily life. If she chooses to be a part of the problem by playing these mind games, rather than a part of the solution, then I'll have no problems kicking her to the curb. That's why my dad left my mom, cause she was a drama queen who played mind games.

  • Uh, best sex I ever had was with a chick who told me I was adorable because I was shorter than her and funny. Everything else is spot on though.

  • Thanks. Now when I encounter a girl that pulls this, I'm just gonna dump her and find one who can communicate better.

  • #6 might not be a universal woman thing. I've been called adorable before, and it certainly wasn't a kiss of death.

  • I agree with most of the comments on here.

    Doing things like the article says is playing mind games. Whether "women are like that" or not, it's still creating drama and making everything more difficult. If you want your partner to take you seriously, don't do this stuff. He won't like it.

    I personally made sure that my girlfriend knows that anything she says will be taken at face value. As such, we don't have these "mind game" issues.

    Being a woman is no excuse.

  • I've been called adorable... and after reading this article, and some of these comments... I still don't know where I stand... hahaha. XD

  • Being honest is the only way I will really know what you want. Your right most guys aren't mind readers but if a girl tells me to leave her alone I'm going to leave her alone because it is the respectfull thing to do.

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What Girls Said 19

  • My biggest pet peeve is when people refuse to accept "leave me alone" for what it is. When I say that, it means I'm going to get irrational and rip your face off if you stay in the room with me, and I know it. It means let me cool down so I can talk about whatever it is like a human and not a rabid badger.

    Even if this is all true at some point in a woman's life, it's something that needs to stop once she's in a serious relationship. Good article.

  • Too true!

  • When I call a guy adorable, there's a good chance I like him romantically. It mostly means he comes off as an innocent or slightly clueless person.

  • LOL--true to an extent, however, at this stage of my life, I find being up front is a bit more, shall we say, harmonious...

  • But doesn't that just make the arguments you DO win, that much better. :-)

  • Here's what I think

    1) True most of the time, I actually had the roles reversed once lol where the guy was the one who said "I'm fine" and didn't meant it but yeah... I've never been in this situation so I've never done the I'm fine thing lol

    2) Yep, true

    3) Where I live, "like" usually just means friends

    4) I disagree with this one, I would never force him into doing something that would be horrible!

    5) Never been in that situation

    6) I disagree with this one as well, for me it means adorable

  • I disagree with # 6, I love findign the guy adorable it means he's good looking and is funny at the same time. not brotherly

  • I disagree about the adorable comment. As a woman, I have said that to a boyfriend or love interest when they are acting childish in a cute way, and it has nothing to do with viewing them in a platonic way.

  • Wow :) haha, some tips were funny.

  • I can't agree with a lot of this. Pretty much, any women who gives this to a man to read is saying "Do as I want, and as I please always". Man if I ever showed this to my husband, he'd laugh!! There's probably only one of those that is half true with me. I like to let the person I'm in a relationship with know what's really going on with me. That's how the adult world does it anyways.

  • Haha I loved this it is so true. every man should read at least the first 2. What we say some times makes no sence but at the time it seems perfectly logical to us(no wonder men think we are crazy lol). We can interperate hyrogliphics but not the common incoded coversation of women.

  • Sorry I can't really agree with all of this, just the "Leave me alone!"... I think that does usually mean "Leave me alone!". Either the guy has upset her, creeped her out, or harrassing her, or something, or why else would you need to say 'leave me alone' or she just wants a break. So I suggest guys DO give her time alone. And when she's ready, or some time has passed you can start asked her. Or you can ask her what's wrong to begin with, like if you start fighting or etc.

  • Haha when I say your adorable I mean it sometimes.. well SOMETIMES ;p

  • And this is why guys think girls are retarded and useless. Why can't you just say what you mean or shut the f*** up? If you need a hug say so don't tell them to get lost and then hope to high hell that they read in between the lines and come comfort you!! And then get mad when they don't!! Girls need to stop playing games and having these set standards, rules, misconceptions and twisted mind games and just BE REAL!! WTF is the point to any of that crap? Grow up!!!

  • I call guys I'm attracted to adorable, because I find that a more comfortable compliment than something more blatant. *shrug*

  • Perfecxt, esp 1 and 5

  • "XDacubed2514 days agoAnd this is why guys think girls are retarded and useless. Why can't you just say what you mean or shut the f*** up? If you need a hug say so don't tell them to get lost and then hope to high hell that they read in between the lines and come comfort you! And then get mad when they don't! Girls need to stop playing gamesand just BE REAL! WTF is the point to any of that crap? Grow up!"

    lol AGREED :-) :-)

    At least out of respect for other women-speak for yourself only

  • lolz.. but I'm absolutely the opposite of all 6 points.

    Come on! you are 29.. I'm 26, I've learnt to be more straight forward because guys are usually very straight forward.

    1) When I'm not fine.. I say "I'm upset" or "I'm hurt"

    2) it's a nice way of saying "fXXk off"

    3) is I like you

    4) it'll be nice if you could help

    5) I am truly not in a rush to get married and have kids. I'm not ready to confine myself to a family.

    6) I never say this.. if I do.. I might mean you are an idiot?

  • #6 I don't think this applies to every girl. If I said I think you;'re adorable, I would mean it as in a 'You're such a nice guy' way where I would want them to be my boyfriend because I would trust them.

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