The Secret to Reading a Woman's Body Language

Body Language Secret #1

There is an obvious height disadvantage (or advantage depending on your point of view) that women have. Women, on average, are about 5.5 inches shorter than men. These differences over the years have caused several interesting opportunities for a body language expert to take advantage of.

If you want a woman to be comfortable around you...for her to like you (and this is true whether you are a man or a woman) and say "yes" to you.... do whatever you can to keep your eye level below hers. Here's why. Women often have several negative feelings that mix together to form... a mess.... when they communicate with others. The feelings are those of inadequacy, resentment, frustration, annoyance and a few others. These feelings are suppressed when you sit so that your eye level is lower than hers.

Body Language Secret #2

The next technique I want to share with you is something I didn't discover by accident, but by investigation. For many years, the so-called experts have said that an excellent way to build a bond was to lean into the conversation. Position your body closer and lean toward the person you are talking to.
"Men & women report feeling more uncomfortable & LOWER levels of liking when people "lean in" to them early in a conversation."

My experience has been that when people do this immediately, I react with a "bolt" bit of a negative reaction. Was it just me? Was it random? Did my reaction mean anything?

Gogus olculeri

It turns out that it did. (And they don't all turn out this way or this good.) The vast majority of men and women report feeling significantly more uncomfortable and LOWER levels of liking when people "lean in" to them early in a conversation which causes negative reactions and a "no" reaction verbally. However, the "technique" does indeed bear fruit but again not so early in the conversation.

Body Language Secret #3

A long time ago I was taught that when people look in certain directions, it indicated that the mind was accessing different parts of the brain to gather information. It turns out this was not correct. But it was during this time that I came across this unknown secret, if you will.

When two people are communicating and the eye contact is "consistent" and "useful" (those are elements that I define in the program and will not go into here) people feel significantly more comfortable when the other person "breaks" their eye contact by looking down instead of up. Not only did this turn out to be a liking issue but it has also been reported to be a trust issue. In other words, when people are breaking their eye contact up, up and to the left, eye level and to the right... the other person is responding negatively and not neutrally or positively.