Signs He Likes You, Signs He Doesn't

"Does he like me?"

Are you wondering if a certain guy likes you? Here, I will help you answer it once and for all.

First, it's important for you to know that men, even with our best intentions, are not good at expressing how we feel. Leaving you hanging is not always part of the plan...sometimes guys just don't know how to tell you they like you.

Perhaps it's because our parents don't teach us how (obviously our fathers don't know because they are men and our mothers don't know what's really going on in our head because they aren't men), or maybe because everything we see in society says guys shouldn't express emotions and feelings and we buy into it. It might even be hardwired into our genetics since long ago when we saw something we wanted, we hit it with a club and took it home with us (speaking of which, please don't try this, I wont get into details, but trust me).

Society says guys shouldn't express emotions and feelings and we buy into it.

Whatever the reason is, it comes as no surprise that women are typically clueless about how we feel about them . So I am acting as an ambassador to help decode the signals men send and try to explain how a guy will act if he likes you.

I have talked to a lot of women that have questions about whether or not the guy that they are interested in is interested in them. If this guy looks at me every time I pass him, or "What does it mean when a guy. . ." , or perhaps "This guy asked me for my number, but he hasn't called". Honestly, I could go on for hours about thousands of particular does this guy like me situations. I believe, however, that whether a guy likes you or whether he doesn't can be summed up into just one sign (that has thousands of variations):

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It doesn't matter what he is, or is not doing, the important thing is that he is (or isn't) doing it around you.

He is either around you or he isn't.

More than 98% of the time, if a guy likes you, then he is going to be around you. It doesn't matter if he is not talking directly to you or even blatantly ignoring you. Even if he is making fun of you, picking fights or punching you in the arm and then running away. One way or another, no matter what he is doing, he is doing it around you, and I guarantee you, this is true for men of all ages.

This doesn't mean that your interested man is going to be right next to you, or even within a few feet of you. But typically, if he is interested in you, he will find reasons to be close to you, even if that closeness means that he is only able to look at you from across the room.

If you really think about it, you will see exactly what I mean. What does it mean that every day when I see him in the hall, he looks right at me? That doesn't matter, what matters is that every day he has found a way to pass you in the hall so that he CAN look at you. Why does this guy always make fun of me? Because if he grunted, you would think that he was weird, and he has no other way to tell you that he likes you. But he never says anything to me! I'll bet why that is so frustrating to you is because he is always close enough to say something, but he never does. See what I am talking about?

It doesn't matter what he is, or is not doing, the important thing is that he is (or isn't) doing it around you.

Ladies, I also think that it's important that you understand that most men, no matter how old we get, never grow out of this. On the flipside of this coin, no matter what a guy is doing, if he is not doing it around you, typically he has no interest in you. Even if what he is doing are exactly like the examples above, if he is not around you more times than not, he probably doesn't have any feelings for you.

Every time I start to get close, he goes somewhere else, or My class is next to his, but I never see him in the hallway, or perhaps a little more extreme I went back to his apartment the next day, and someone else was living there. Just as we have trouble telling someone we do like them, we have the same trouble telling someone we don't. So, instead, we avoid you.

Some might say that we as men are just scared of rejection, and I believe that is true to some degree. But more so, I think that we just have trouble saying what we truly feel, or that we are hoping that if we are around you long enough you will start to understand our language, tell us you like us, and then invite us out to dinner (and if you paid too that would be absolutely super).

Whatever the case may be, the best sign to look for to see if he is interested in you, is if, no matter what foolishness he is doing, he is doing it around you.

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  • 1mo

    so there's this boy and he was going out with my best friend and one of my friends told him about me having a crush on him because i felt sick that i couldnt tell him how i felt and he dumped her for me and him and my best friend have veen broken up for like 5 days and he still hasn't asked me out so does that mean he likes me? And when he speaks to me he speaks right close to my face and sometimes I think he leans in

  • I like this guy in my class and one of my friends told him through text and then he said to her who are you and pretended he didn't know her or me and then whemever im in class he either asks who i am or my friends will ask do you know who she is and he says no and then they say my name. Also today i got one of my friends to ask if he likes me but like not ask to make it obvious and he didn't really answer all he did was shrug and continue to look at his phone. :/ please help.

  • There is a guy in my class.. actually a topper.. I onced text him on fb asking about studies... he respond to me and asked me to give pics of me.. nd said to trust him but I ignored... he blocked me on facebook... nd whenever I passed around him in university he keeps on staring at me? Wht u thing is the problem with him

  • Yep we know this, nothing is more off putting to be honest, i do not enjoy guys not showing emotions and feelings, it's not the kind of thing i look for in a guy, i'm a sensitive person and if i can't express my feelings with a guy and be open and honest with them without them constantly changing the subject and avoiding anything i say that holds any kind of emotions to it then i'm sorry i'm not interested, this is not the kind of thing anybody wants even in a friend, females have started doing the same thing, they have closed themselves off and whenever i try to talk about something more intellectual that inspires and stirrs up some kind of emotion they shut me down every time, look around in fear of seeming "uncool" and a "freak" then procceed to avoid me... yeh... i don't think anybody wants this.

    There is nothing wrong with being open and honest to talking about subjects that inspire or stirr some sort of ffeelings, if this is how it's going to be then i can't see compassion and kindness returning to each other again, it become a big problem a long while ago, so learn to open up, learn to talk again and trust each other, the main problem these days of not showing feeling or emotions is trust issues.

  • The guy I like is a guy that I have talked to once or twice. He stares at me a lot, and I usually know by the feeling on him staring at me, you know that feeling? Anyways, second semester started and the first two days I never saw him so I was like 'oh well'. Then I guess I saw him after lunch and he came up the stairs I always take to my locker and two my next class. I thought no big deal of it until the next couple of days when he kept coming my way 24/7. He would walk by where I am go down the hall and then come back 4 minutes later. Summary of what I mean is recently he is always around me now. I saw him in our atrium and he looked at him and walked away. Then I ended up by myself in the atrium and he came back and walked behind me all the way up the stairs. Am I overthinking it or is there definite interest?

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  • Is this take ok... people say it misleads you and people think you are jerks

  • Seems about right.

  • Men can, and do, express their emotions in a perfectly sensible way.

    Trouble is that women don't listen...

  • I've seen some pretty wacky things women think are signs that a guy likes them. They tend to over-analyze us. This guy is 100 percent correct regardless of if the guy is an aggressive smooth talker or a quiet/shy type.

  • That's very true. Now I'm curious to know what is the equivalent rule for girls in this case?

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