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What does it mean if a guy texts you "good morning" every day?

Just a query - if a guy texts good morning, and then throughout the day does that mean he likes me more than just friends? Would he do this if he had... Show More

Thank you guys - it just seems such an odd thing to do of you just think of someone as a friend. I know I wouldn't do that every day if the person I was texting was just a friend. :) More opinions would be great tho!

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  • If a guy is texting you like that then yes he has intrest, never does a guy just do it for the hell of it.

    • I totally agree, he wants to be the first and prob last person you think about all day...take this as a big sign. good luck

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  • I say it depends on the guy and close of friends you are. I have 2 guy friends (one is engaged and the other has a g/f) and they text me all the time or chat with me on Facebook/MySpace. It really all depends what yall talk about. He just could be a very friendly guy. Why not say good morning or good night to anyone?

  • guys never do stuff like that just because they want to, or because they feel like it. there is a reason. he likes you. how does he act around you when you two are together or with friends?

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