Does she still think about me even though she broke up with me?

I dated a girl for 6. 5 years. She ended the relationship and even though I have accepted that our relationship is over I still think about her sometimes. She was my first girlfriend whom I lost my virginity too, and from what she told me, I was her first boyfriend whom she lost her virginity too. It's hard to let someone go completely after spending so much time together.

So now I wonder even though we had a bad break up does she still think of me?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yea she does. There are days when we dwell on the past and we just look back and say look at that what did I let go or in some cases thank god I let him go - he was such a jerk - women are really complicated - try to understand us - I mean our mentality is different form guys and also from ourselves. My best bet she is still thinking about you plus come on you dated her for what was it 5 to 6 years - if I had a relationship that long trust me I would be still thinking about it even though I'm looking at someone else.