Signs Aquarius guy likes you?

i hear there extremely distant at the beginning and

I've gotten so many mixed signals! like he won't leave me alone

and then out of the blue I won't hear from him or he ignores me for 2 weeks.. then he's back?


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  • Yep - I am aquarius! We are like that - very aloof!

    A tendency to human love and understanding is decidedly Aquarian. Aquarians are people who care about the sorrows and poverty of others. Aquarians are Samaritans who lie awake nights worrying about starvation and drought. Aquarians wish they might do something about the miseries of their fellow men. Aquarians care.

    As Aquarians dream of reaching out to help and are thus crusaders for the good of mankind, they don't always have a tremendous amount of time to spend at home. Aquarians are worldly and other-oriented. Sometimes, their families come last. In their zeal to save the world Aquarians often forget to buy the dog food.

    Aquarians are cool customers. Before committing any act or making any major decision, Aquarians think things through. They prefer peace to conflict. It's not that they don't have strong opinions or shrink before confrontation. It's just that Aquarians like to remain detached and aloof from banalities. For that reason, they prefer not to get involved in terrestrial "nonsense" such as petty arguments or domestic tumult.

    Aquarians need no one. You will often find them living alone or as an aloof partner in marriages where their mate travels a lot. It is easy for Aquarians to have a few parallel lives, as they never let one hand know what the other is doing. They are pleasant people and usually very honest-in their own way. They can, however, be considered selfish, as they like to behave according to their personal style. They don't enjoy being told what to do. Aquarians are not dictatorial. But they like power. Yet they won't use force to achieve their goals. Aquarians are clever and elusive characters to whom stratagem is second nature.

    They surround themselves with friends and are usually liked by all. But, in a strange way, Aquarians are not really connected to terrestrial matters. They tend to hover about three feet over their own heads all the time and seem to be observing life from a silent helicopter position. It is said that Aquarius is the sign of madness or great power. More United States presidents were born in Aquarius than in any other sign.

    You can be the intimate friend of an Aquarian and expect to see him once a year. Aquarius won't require too much of their mates. Aquarians are really very eccentric. If you love an Aquarian, don't hang on him or her. Don't pry into her private life, and above all, when your Aquarian shows up after a two-month absence from your life, don't ask questions. Just "Hello. How are you?" Aquarians detest rendering accounts.

    • Wow that was very interesting! my crush is an aquarius. But, there's one thing that wasen't covered by this answer which I would like to know: do aquarians like kissing? Because I love kissing and it would be a shame if my crush didn't.

    • What do you know or what can you tell me about the Libra

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  • looking at someones zodiac sign is not a good way to judge if a guy likes you... he might be playing hard to get, he might think of you as a friend, who knows maybe he just has mixed emotions and can't make up his mind. Do you mind giving a bit more info on what he does so I can then judge the situation a little bit better

    • The Aquarius thing was because he is an exact match to one by his actions he's extremely flirty and even reassures himself by askin if I no what he's getting at and if he has gotten my attention, he pretty much hits on me alll the time we usually text all the time but there's periods like weeks I just don't hear from him, we go to school together and sometimes in the hall he would ignore me but others won't leave me alone! we hungout once and he was really affectionate not perverted but it was clear!

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    • Well thank you a lot! some awesome advice! I really appreciate it :)

    • No problem. good luck :)

  • Astrology



  • try blood types, it is more accurate. lol

  • dont believe in signs because then it will take over ur mind

    and you will not be able to make a move w/o referring to the signs

    whats wrong with just taking a chance and seeing where things go

    and btw my friends parents are pisces and libra (they are like bitter enemies) and still together

    and my friend (same) can't talk to guys now because she can't get the signs things out of her head

    so stop while ur ahead!

    good luck =)


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  • My first husband is an Aquarius, trust me that's normal and not just in the beginning. They are secretive, bossy, jealous, non touchy feelly people. The only thing you can be completely sure of is he isn't gonna cheat, and he will keep a job. Other than that, get used to being untouched and in the blue. He needs space and to keep his love life and the rest of his live separate. But be sure if he loves you, he'll be around soon.

  • also, sorry to answer twice and not give advice (really sorry!) I just saw the headline and had to read the rest, but, did anything ever happen? what's happening with the situation right now?

  • OMFG I'm having the same problem as you!

  • The man I'm currently seeing likes his freedom and he comes and goes as he wishes. He stays away for days or weeks without contacting me, but then he eventually contacts me either via text or phone. Hehas text me saying that he misses me, and is always thinking about me.

  • they flirt with you a lot