Do Men Miss Us As Much As We Miss Them?

Let's say you've been really good friends with a girl, strong connection and everyday you tell each other that you love each other, talk for hours and know that eventually you want to be in a relationship but you want to be friends first. So everything's going great for the past couple of months in... Show More

Jonathan, it was his decision to be friends first because of his past experiences, also we live 1 1/2 away from each other. But the really frustrating part is that the night before he said he met someone else, he was still talking about a future with me.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I would miss you, only because I would not tell something I didn't feel. As for his feelings. Who knows dear! I think he liked you, and was working on being with you, I also think he saw someone that immediately caught his eye, and she was wanting to move at a faster pace than you did. This would explain the sudden someone else, since you were only friends he might not think he owes you an apology. It is possible you got played, I don't know, what I do know is that he wasn't really sure about a future with you even if he spoke of it.