Why would a guy still lead you on if you know for a fact that he's not interested in you?

Why would a guy still lead you on if you know for a fact that he's not interested in you? By leading on I mean flirting, being crazy nice always worried, very protective, and doing stupid things to hold my hand or try to hug me, or just hitting me in the arm to get my attention. He doesn't make much of an effort to talk to me when we're away from one another but, when we're together he's like that?


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  • Guys do this for safe measures. Things don't go right with their girlfriends or the girl they are talking to, well at least hey have you. Your just being used... sorry.

    I'll drop on Miles advice. It's true that he's perhaps shy. And maybe he isn't the publicly affectionate type, but if that's the case, why hasn't he asked you out yet? If he's not sleeping with you, and this is his behavior, then perhaps he needs a little nudge of support to encourage him to ask you out. Or you could just ask him point black how he feels about you. Saves much of the trouble.


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  • "Why would a guy still lead you on if you know for a fact that he's not interested in you?"

    Possible reasons:

    1. He doesn't know you perceive those acts as flirting. To him, they are not.

    2. You remind him of his little sister, who he protects and hug all the time. He is not sexually attracted to his sister, nor you.

    3. To him, you represent friendship.

    You need to 1. Learn to protect yourself, by finding out what really is going on. Only he can tell you that. 2. Let him learn this lesson --- so that he grows up and not inflict harm to other girls, unintentionally. Girls do that to guys too, by the way.

  • And exactly which set of behaviors leads you to believe that he's NOT interested in you? From your description he seems smitten.

    Good luck

  • i know this might not help but there could be to things that could be going on here maybe he does like you just doesn't know how to show it so doing what he does is his way of saying I like you or he just wants to be friends and this is howhe is with friends.


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  • maybe you don't give enough signs to show you are interested in him and you are ready to date...

    and this would make him wait until he is pretty sure you are really into him and he wouldn't be led down by you, and sure this is because of his fear of rejection, and actually all guys have this fear...

    so if you like him show interest and if he just kept doing these things only, then you can take the initiative and start off talking while you are away from each other so you would be doing all you what could be done, if he stayed the same and didn't take the next move or something, then he would be just wanting girls attention and that is what he is seeking for, so you are not with him or with another guy, and sure you won't like being dumped like that.

    maybe you would just prefer to come clean and ask him directly what he wants and why he is taking this attitude towards you...and don't put your hopes up, maybe you wouldn't hear what you wanted to...

    GOOD LUCK =)

  • seriously. exactly the same situation here :/

  • Maybe he likes the ego boost and attention the girl gives him.