Does he ever think of me?

my ex boyfriend split up with me just about 5 months ago.

Although he doesn't contact me and has told me to leave him alone, do you think he still thinks about me?

I was with him for 8 years.

He does have a new girlfriend.


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  • Yes, you cross his mind from time to time. It doesn't mean he will get back with you though.

    He told you to leave him alone because he doesn't love you the same way anymore.

    There are times he will miss you, and wonder what you are upto. Times when he will worry if you are okay, or if you are happy. You two shared 8 years together... you will always have that special place in his heart. But trust me, it doesn't mean he will come back.

    Let him go...

    I know you are still holding on... but do you really want to be with him again? someone who broke up with you? Who pushed you away... someone who told you to move on... ?

    Do you really want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you anymore?

    Move on... one day at a time...

    Everything happens for a reason.

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      Yeh I suppose, he constantly tells me we are not meant to be. Its just hard to get over it after being together for so long. I haven't even looked at another guy and he's now in a full blown relationship! I just feel as if I've got nothing compared to him and I'm going to go through this grief forever.

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      Have you ever lost something you really liked? Or something really imp to you? Like a wallet? Or cell phone? Maybe a job? Or anything that you couldn't seem to do without? You search and search for it, but eventually realize you will never get it back.. you realize it's gone for good...

      You know crying about it won't bring it back.. you train yourself to live without it...

      or you find a replacement...

      that is how you accept what's gone...

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      Yes yes but it don't help when you see the person every day