Does he ever think of me?

my ex boyfriend split up with me just about 5 months ago.

Although he doesn't contact me and has told me to leave him alone, do you think he still thinks about me?

I was with him for 8 years.

He does have a new girlfriend.


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  • Yes, you cross his mind from time to time. It doesn't mean he will get back with you though.

    He told you to leave him alone because he doesn't love you the same way anymore.

    There are times he will miss you, and wonder what you are upto. Times when he will worry if you are okay, or if you are happy. You two shared 8 years together... you will always have that special place in his heart. But trust me, it doesn't mean he will come back.

    Let him go...

    I know you are still holding on... but do you really want to be with him again? someone who broke up with you? Who pushed you away... someone who told you to move on... ?

    Do you really want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you anymore?

    Move on... one day at a time...

    Everything happens for a reason.

    • Yeh I suppose, he constantly tells me we are not meant to be. Its just hard to get over it after being together for so long. I haven't even looked at another guy and he's now in a full blown relationship! I just feel as if I've got nothing compared to him and I'm going to go through this grief forever.

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    • Have you ever lost something you really liked? Or something really imp to you? Like a wallet? Or cell phone? Maybe a job? Or anything that you couldn't seem to do without? You search and search for it, but eventually realize you will never get it back.. you realize it's gone for good...

      You know crying about it won't bring it back.. you train yourself to live without it...

      or you find a replacement...

      that is how you accept what's gone...

    • Yes yes but it don't help when you see the person every day

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  • It's clearly over in his eyes, he has another girl already. What do you possibly have to gain by agonizing over if he still thinks about you? Yes he does, so what? He's moving on and you should too. Revisiting this is only going to make it harder to move along. He may be a total schmuck but so what? He's gone. You should move along in your life too. Don't give him the time of day. Find someone who cares about being with Good luck.

  • That's quiet a long time, he clearly does still think about you. It'd probably be pretty hard not to.. I mean come on, 8 years? lol.

  • Do you really love him lot and miss him lot. Try to convince him.. And ask him that you really need him in ur life... sure boy's too have emotions with in ther heart's... once you are cry in front him ...for the reason of the pain sure guys ill melt in front of ya... all the best

    • I've tried everything he just doesn't give me anything back. He has told me I meant a lot to him and always will - but he is just getting on with his life and I'm left behind.

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  • Everyone thinks about their old partners at one time or another, he'll definitely think of you at some point as 8 years as a long time and you must of shared a lot of memories, both good and bad but either way he would of thought of you at some point, even if he denies it.

  • i'm sure he does from time to time

    the important thing to do is let go

    and not to care what he thinks


    he's with some other chick right now

    like me

    i don't care a f*** about my ex's

  • 8 years is a long time, and a lot of memories. Out of sight doesn't mean out of mind, nobody can just forget 8 years of their life.

    • He has seemed too - I've had to deal with a lot from him. Firstly he told me we are over via the phone, secondly he told me he wanted to be single, then he was in a relationship with some1 else. Its just one thing after another and I don't know how much more I can put up with.

      I just want him to hut like me. Not once has he even tried contacting me and that's really hard, you feel completely worthless and the rejection feeling is terrible. Being a woman you want them to try and win you back x

    • If you want him to understand how you feel, you have to do what he is doing and move on with your life. You are upset because you see he is enjoying life without you and dosen't need you. Do the same. Go out, get a new look, do some sports, meet new people, hang out with old friends and try to enjoy being single. He will hear about you enjoying life without him and feel the way you do now.

  • He probably does think about you..i mean eight years is a long time, but if its been five months and he hasn't contacted you and told you to leave him alone its a pretty good indicator that he's moved on.And if he's already dating someone else that's a good indicator too.I know its hard and it sucks, but you just have to be strong and move with your life.The best thing you can do is focus on you other priorities in life such as school or work for a while and then when you feel ready to date again get out there and be open to meeting someone new.Im sure you will.

  • Im sure he still has memories but he is with someone else now. Why did he tell you to leave him alone? You must let him go and get someone who deserves you...Be happy this too shall pass...

    • Because we 'don't work together' and it's 'not meant to be' - nice to tell me after 8 years.

      He says I'm beautiful and he wants me to be happy and I still mean a lot to him - patronising git!! -

    • Yes I know it hurts to be left behind when you truly love someone. But you know what at least you know now. Thank him for doing what he did because you very well could of ended up marrying him and then found out. I thanked my ex for cheating it was the worst and hardest thing I ever went through but he did me a favor to show me what kind of person he was and now I'm in a better place. You will get through this...

  • Hey I realize that this post was more than a year ago but I really need to ask you something precisely because this was a year ago. I am going through a very similar situation. Now that it has been a year and +, are you over him? Do you still hurt? What has happened? Are you with someone else? Did he regret it? I just wanna know how you are now..maybe it will help me in some way..


    • Hey Babe, Hope your hanging in there! :) x

      Yes babe thank god I'm finally over him...and to be honest cannot believe I put myself through so much pain and torture after he broke up with me!

      He's still with the girl he was with straight after he broke up with me, and good luck to her! She really needs it! I am now with someone else, and yes I am so much happier.

      My ex did regret it...started e-mailing me telling me he loved me etc...i mean if she meant so much to him...why?

    • thanks for the response. It sure gives me hope. I can't wait to get to that point where I say ' oh hell yea I am over him'. Yes if she meant so much, why the hell was he emailing you? Seems like he did not find what he was looking for in/ with her...I am happy for you that you are over him and . Good luck

    • Thank you hun...honestly you will be fine, it just takes time xxx

  • I am sure he thinks about you. It sounds like you are finding it hard to move on, if he has a new girlfriend then it looks like he has. If you miss him and have stuff to get off your chest then ask him to meet with you or write an email/letter explaining things. Sometimes a break up can consume you, try to get out and socialise with friends, its the best remedy for a broken heart.

  • i think he has thought about you, but I think he is ready to move on. I think you should do the same. If he doesn't want anything to do with you after 5 months he's not worth it.