How can you tell if a girl is intimidated by you?

I'm trying to figure out if a girl is intimidated by me or maybe she just doesn't care too much... I mean were friends, but she never really approaches me to talk, but she's always open to talking, and we get along well.

What are some signs that a girl may be intimidated by you?


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  • I think you should just stop initiating conversation for awhile to see if it affects her. I get shy around guys I like but if I really like someone, I will make an effort to initiate conversation. She might also be playing hard to're right; it is confusing and I'm not a fan of games, but if you want to know what her true feelings are, either just ask her or stop initiating convo. for a bit.


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  • Hmmm intimidated that can go in a few ways e.g. you have a smarter prescience about you and she could be scared of looking stupid or it could be she like's you again fear of sounding stupid it's a lot easier to talk to people you don't have feelings for. Could you give us some example or Scenario.

    • Well I just try to be mature and occasionally be goofy around her... But mostly mature. I show her that I'm a great friend, but she never really approaches me to say "hi" or anything. She is always open to talking when I walk up to her but like I said, she never really comes to talk to me. She seems to think of me as a friend too, but its just that sometimes I don't know if she's somehow intimidated by me, or if she just doesn't care all that much.

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    • But she'll sometimes ignore texts and stuff... Even if its just a friendly thing. She also has a Boyfriend too, just thought I'd throw that out there... I'm always hinting that I like her, but I be the best friend I can be at the same time. Maybe she's picked up on it? Maybe just coming out with the truth would improve matters? The truth is, I'm crazy about this girl and I always have been.

    • Hhhmm well boyfriend she's not married so technically speaking there's nothing wrong with a good fight lol the lost text's could be cos her boyfriend was around. the only way to know for sure is talk to her.

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  • Shyness. She fidgets, or looks down on the ground when you talk to her. Those are the most basics signs.

    • What if like her hands seem to shake when I'm around? I noticed that one time. I'm sure mine were too! lol

    • ... yeah. That's along the lines of fidgeting too.