Girl with long legs?

Do guys find it attractive when girls have long legs?


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  • To tell you the truth. For all questions like this. The answer is the same.

    Don't worry about it!

    All men are different! And have different preferences. All men want different type of girls. All men are original/individual in their own ways!

    So if you ask a question like this. You will jest get the opinions of the guys who just happen to see the question. This makes no sense, because all men have different opinions so the answers you see are not accurate because it does not include every single man's answer.

    So don't worry about it. Because I know for a fact. (i have heard of this fact. And there is evidence that it is true) that no matter who you are/for everyone (whether male/female/transgender/etc. ) There are large. Very large (since there are so many people in the world) that love you (specifically YOU) no matter what. They may be spread out around the world and may not be where you are currently located. But they are out there. You just have to find them! So it is a fact that no matter what there are people out there (but they are spread out and/or some maybe clustered in an area or some may be at a certain college or a certain activity. Etc. ). Whatever. Don't worry, it is a fact that there is a LARGE (i mean very large) group of people out there for every individual person/everyone in the world that ABSOLUTELY adores that individual and would do anything for them and likes everything about them.

    So you have a large group of guys or girls (whatever your preference. ) our their who love you, and I'm assuming your long legs? (you were talking about yourself right? )

    And if you do want a somewhat pointless opinion just to hear some guys specific opinions I would say, for me, legs aren't that big of an issue, I love legs of all types, and I am sure long legs would be incredible ;)


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  • That depends on the definition of long legs and the guys you talk to.

    Scientifically speaking, men like woman who have symmetrical faces, a 0. 7 waist-to-hip ratio and tend to be shorter than men. These are generally accepted statistics but what you'll find is that every guy will give you a different answer on what his dream woman looks like.

    • Wow that is so true. I think guys often look for symmetry unless you have other factors into play.

  • Yes, long legs are definitely great. But I think girls legs are generally nice no matter how long they are -- so long as they're shapely and proportionate to the rest of the body.

    However, leggier girls ALSO have the added benefit of performing more dynamic maneuvers that require long legs -- like the raised-missionary, the pearl, the longbow, the underdog and the monkey-tree!

  • I totally notice long legs - a lot of girls say they have them, but few do

  • To be honest, most guys would say they like nice long legs, but in reality, the actual length doesn't matter. Just matters if they're toned, in shape, out of shape, or whatever.

  • Definately! I love sliky-smooth legs with high-arched feet that can point all the way forward. The kind of legs that I love to caress every day.

    Sonia Ferrer has this kind of legs. You can see what I mean by watching this youtube video.


  • Most certainly as most people would agree. Take me for instance, the longer, more slender the legs complemented with smooth alabaster smooth like skin is what most guys would go after.

    Its a great tool that adds to the girls advantage at parties.

    A nice skirt that ends just before the knees with high heels will definitely work.

  • ABSOLUTELY! I especially love long legs in black hose with a short skirt. Keeps my interest until I can get to know her better. I can overlook quirks if I can look over her legs.

  • Are you kiddin? Gorgeous long legs in heels make my head spin, and I don't know any other guy that would answer differently.

  • I'm definitely a leg man, and for me it's long slim legs every time! I actually changed my plans of moving to France after I went there on a visit and realized most French women have little stumpy legs. British and American girls have great legs,though.


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