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Why do guys just disappear?

I dated a guy for a few months and everything went pretty well. We seemed to have some things in common and spent reasonable time together. Then all... Show More

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  • The reason this guy disappeared is probably because he decided the negatives outweighed the positives. Girls think that guys don't pay attention to relationship stuff as much as they do. But girls are dead wrong about that, as you've learned. Guys keep track of what they regard as the positives and negatives. And when a guy thinks the negatives outweigh the positives, he's *gone* and it's *over*. You two weren't a good match. Don't take it personally. But I think it's inconsiderate to at least not tell you that it's over.

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  • It happened to me too, don't feel alone. However apparently my guy was a player and did that to many girls..

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