Why do guys like low self-esteem in a girl?

A lot of guys I know say that low self-esteem is cute and a turn-on. Why so?


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  • Try to imagine your life if nothing was ever your fault. That'd be a pretty nice deal, right? Well, that's the deal that guys get when they take advantage of girls with low self-esteem. It's a deplorable thing to say that you like a girl with low self esteem, because it shows that you will take advantage of anyone even if it means being a terrible person to them. But that's why some guys enjoy it.


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  • I love women regardless..there are many beautiful women with low self estem..I just say be your self and don't listen to what society says! Beauty is in a womens Heart!

  • Sounds completely contrived. Women with low self-esteem are very tiresome company and often so clingy it borders on desperate. Maybe they're good for guys who themselves have low self-esteem, but other than that it's beyond me.

  • Any guy that says that is a scum bag who think that low self esteem makes a girl easier to have sex with. I like a girl to be confident in herself, and love herself, because if she doesn't how can she ever love me?

    Shyness is a different story though.


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  • i don't think they like girls with low self-esteem but a girl that is shy, can be confused with that a little.

  • Maybe that is for guys who like being possesive and brainwashing their girls!

    eff that, you have to love yourself in order to love someone else.

  • its not cute or a turn on. guys can just sniff out the low self esteem girls and go after them. sweet talk them all that good stuff to get in their pants. sad but true

    • Basically, its because they're easier to have sex with?

    • In a way kinda.. if they have another reason I'm still trying to figure it out