Am I imagining that he likes me?? WOW...I hope not!!

He and I have connected as friends at work. We like the same things and we chat while he fixes my computer. He is mid 30's. I'm a few years older, so it's not a high school crush thing. I am always asking things about him, and he tells me in detail. He's pretty sensitive guy, and very funny! When... Show More

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  • Sounds like he likes you. Why not just ask him if he is still up for some appetizers and happy hour tomorrow so you all can hang out? If he is still interested, then I would say he definitely wants to hang out with you. If not, oh well, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

    • He was totally up for it as of 5:30 yesterday. Totally flirty and fun! Today, he was mister avoider, and left at 3 without telling anyone. He was supposed to be back at 3:30, but it's almost 5:30 and no one has seen him. FLAKE, FLAKE, FLAKE.

    • Guys are just weird sometimes. You know how we can be moody, guys can be too. Maybe there are some outside factors in his personal life that you don't know about that make him act this way.

    • Update: he didn't call me 'cause he was having a roommate meltdown. He subleases from this guy, who got evicted last night. He was hoping to move at end of month (I knew about this) but now has to move this weekend. Last night he took his dogs to his sisters