When a guy offers to buy you a drink, what does that usually mean?

I met my friend's brother a few weeks ago at a city festival that we all went to. Anyways, this past weekend we were at a party and he kept asking only me even when I was with my other friends if I wanted a drink because he would buy it for me..So yeah, what does that mean?


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  • it usually means he thinks your cute and wants to get to know you more and he's trying to be nice...unless he's trying to date rape you, but that's usually not what's going on.


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  • It means he's hitting on you. Whether or not his intentions are pure, I know not.

  • he's either trying to be nice , but more than likely he's hitting on you in the sense by offering to buy you a drink that's sort of what some guys do at times

  • Never buy a girl a drink unless its past that stage where you get acquainted and conversing and she's on the hook or if she is a friend or colleague...Before that stage, all it says is " take advantage of me because I'm a chump."

    Never ever buy a girl a drink because it sends the completely wrong message.

  • hes hittin on you and wants to get in ur pants


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  • If he's a dog, it means he wants to fk you.

    If he's a gentlemen it means he wants to court and fk you.

    • Lol I love how the end result is still the same hahaha

  • Well he's probably looking to get laid, I let guys buy me drinks I just don't do anything with them.